PROMOS Scholarship

Information about PROMOS

Information about PROMOS

The following projects receive support through the DAAD PROMOS Scholarship Program at the TU Darmstadt:

  1. One-semester study-abroad programmes (not longer and not shorter!) at partner universities outside of Europe
  2. The production of a capstone project (Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis) at partner universities outside of Europe

The PROMOS scholarships are awarded by the TU Darmstadt through a merit-based application process.

PROMOS Online Application

Online Application PROMOS Online Application

The application form for applicants staying abroad from July to December this year is expected to be open from mid-April to mid-May.

For applicants staying in the first half of next year, the application form will be open from mid-October to mid-November.

You can prepare the application documents to be submitted and then upload them in the online application.

An info session for those going abroad in 2023 will be held online on 18 April 2023 at 1pm.

  • You are matriculated at the TU Darmstadt with the aim of obtaining a degree.
  • You will have successfully completed two semesters by the time your study abroad program begins, i.e. your study abroad semester is at least your third semester.
  • You are sufficiently fluent in the partner university’s language of instruction (at least B2).
  • You are nominatedby your department for a study abroad placement at a non-European partner university for a one-semester academic programme (maximum of 6 months, and with full-time student status).
  • Or if applicable: you have been accepted for the completion of a capstone/thesis project (Bachelor’s or Master’s) at a non-European partner university.
  • You have not yet exhausted the maximum PROMOS funding period of 6 months in the study phase of your stay abroad (Bachelor / Master) through previous stays.

A monthly partial scholarship according to the DAAD’s state- specific rates (opens in new tab) . The duration of the aid can range from 1-6 months, depending on the capacity of the DAAD in that fiscal year. Full and half months (from another 14 days) abroad can be funded.

Combination with other fundings

Generally possible, except: scholarships from public

for the same purpose (= stay abroad)

- International Bafög possible (PROMOS must be declared to the Bafög office)

Examples of combinable funding:

- Scholarships from companies or foundations

- Public funds as a travel allowance or for tuition fees

tuition fees (e.g. funding from the department,

Hessen programmes, Fulbright)

- Please note the requirements of the other scholarship provider!

October 15th – November 15th (for stays between January and June of the following year)

April 15th – May 15th (for stays between July and December of the same year)

The following documents must be submitted with the online application (scanned PDFs; scores and certificates signed and stamped):

  • Cover letter (opens in new tab) (in German or English)
  • CV (in German or English)
  • Test scores and transcripts (Printout from Registrar’s Office with signature and stamp, Master’s students can instead submit records from their Bachelor’s programs)
  • Letter of recommendation from a professor (The recommendation must be no more than one year old and written and signed by a professor at a German university. At the professor’s request, the recommendation may be submitted directly to the PROMOS office from the university department.)
  • Only for capstone projects/theses: Consent of the adviser and a one-page synopsis
  • Proof of sufficient fluency in the language of instruction through one of the following qualifications (no older than 2 years at the time of the application deadline):
    • Kleiner DAAD Sprachtest (opens in new tab) (This test can be taken in the Sprachenzentrum at the TU Darmstadt for any of the languages taught there. You must pass Level B2.)
    • TOEFL (minimum iBT 80) or IELTS (minimum 6.5) (for English)
    • UNIcert II (for English, French, Portuguese, or Spanish)
    • Other proofs (high school diploma, language course certificates, etc.) are not accepted.
  • The Confirmation of Stay (opens in new tab)must be signed by you and the host university and send to within the first 7 days of your start date. the second part has to be filled out in the last week of your studies.
  • At the end of your stay, the transcript of records from the host university must be submitted as confirmation.
  • In addition, after the end of your stay, a progress report or a summary of your thesis must be uploaded via the MoveOn portal.
  • Checklist (opens in new tab)
  • Please inform us in time by e-mail if your data have changed or if you do not start your stay abroad. Especially your address and e-mail address must be correct and always up to date.

The number of financially supported students depends on the total funding amount, provided by the DAAD to TU Darmstadt. The following criteria determine the internal selection: academic performance, language proficiency, social criteria/social engagement and the content of your application.

A poor valuation in just one area (e.g. academic performance) can be compensated through good valuations in other areas.

The language certificate cannot be submitted later. Applications must have a minimum level (B2), which represents the minimum required levels of language proficiency.

The letter of recommendation must also be submitted by the application deadline. Please ask the professor to send the letter of recommendation directly to you or by post or email to:

The amount of aid is established differently by DAAD offices state by state (see link on homepage), but it will be around 350 – 550 Euros per month.

No, that is not possible.

No, we only support stays that last a maximum of one semester (six months or less). If you plan to stay longer, please find out about other funding opportunities.

Aid can be granted for students with a disability or chronic illness if a degree of disability (GdB) of at least 50 is proven or the restrictions due to a disability correspond to a GdB of at least 50.

A maximum of 10,000 euros can be granted as aid for a period of up to six months to cover the additional expenses incurred abroad (incl. expenses for a possible accompanying person).

Additional expenses can only be claimed if it can be proven that they are not covered by any other body. Medical certificates can only be accepted in German or English.

The personal aid application must be submitted at least two months before the start of the planned mobility measure.

For further information, please visit the DAAD website: or contact us: