Exchange into the World

One semester in China, Brazil or Canada? Enjoy the mix of language practice, intercultural competence and adventure. On this page we inform you about the prearrangements for a semester abroad at one of our many partner universities in Asia, North and Latin America as well as Oceania. Use your chance to gather valuable and unforgettable experience abroad!

Studying abroad offers you numerous opportunities to acquire new knowledge and skills. Alongside your studies, you will navigate a foreign land, experience a new culture, gain a variety of impressions, meet new people, and learn a new language. Moreover, in times of increasing internationalization, employers welcome experience abroad as additional qualification.

You can receive more information and further counseling about the partner universities from the departmental coordinators (opens in new tab) of your department.

Before you start the application process for your studies abroad you should prepare your language proficiency as well as inform yourself about the different exchange programs.


At our partner universities, lectures will be taught in the respective language of the country or in English. TU Darmstadt places a lot of emphasis on your language abilities in the country you wish to study in or in English language. For this reason an in-depth language preparation of minimum two to three semesters before studying abroad is advisable.

The language center of TU Darmstadt as well as the adult education center (VHS) in Darmstadt are offering a wide range of language courses.

TOEFL/IELTS English Language Test

For North America and Oceania a TOEFL or IELTS English language test is often required. Both tests cost around 230 Euros and cannot be taken at TU Darmstadt (Attention: the TOEFL itp test which is offered by the language center of TU Darmstadt is not the same as the comprehensive TOEFL iBT test which the partner university requests!).

Please consider that you have to register for the exam online first. It can take up several weeks after taking the exam until the test result will be send to you. Please indicate the Institutional Code „B459“ of TU Darmstadt when taking the exam. In this way the TU Darmstadt will receive another exemplar of your test result for free and we are able to review your test result online after approx. two weeks.

Exchange Program of the Federal State Hessen

The programs of the federal state Hessen have the aim to promote the exchange of students and university staff between Hessen and Queensland (Australia) as well as Wisconsin and Massachusetts (US). You can find detailed information about the different programs here: Hessen-Wisconsin, Hessen-Massachusetts and Hessen-Queensland.

Please consider the application deadline: Hessen-Massachusetts und Hessen-Wisconsin: middle of November // Hessen-Queensland: Beginning of June.

Application at TU Darmstadt

Please read the section Internal Application on the page Exchange Programs !

Application at the Partner University

If you have decided on a partner university as well as have been nominated by your faculty and have informed the International Relations and Mobility Department about the acceptance of your nomination, you have to apply for a university place and, if necessary, for a place at the dormitory at your partner university. You can receive information about this next application phase either directly from your partner university or from the International Relations and Mobility Department.

The following documents are required by the most universities and can therefore already be prepared in advance: copy of valid passport, passport photographs, transcript of records in English language, CV in English language or language of the country, proof of language of instruction or English language (depends on the requirements of the partner university).

Please consider especially the application deadlines and terms which will be sent to you via email!

Only when you have received the acceptance for an exchange place from the partner university, your application has been successfully completed!

Term Dates

Many exchanges abroad start in July, end of August, beginning of September or middle/end of February. Please consider that due to this matter you might not be able to take part in exams of the previous semester or have to take them in advance.

For example: „Wintersemester“ at the partner university means: August until December and “Sommersemester” at the partner university means: January until May.


Your passport must be valid for minimum of 6 month after the return from abroad.

Entry Requirements

The website of the Federal Foreign Office provides information about entry requirements, health arrangements as well as the current political situation.

Overseas Health Insurance

Please consider that an overseas travel health insurance is generally insufficient. For the enrollment at a foreign university you need proof of a comprehensive overseas health insurance for students. The compulsory health insurance in Germany is not able to provide an extensive insurance coverage outside of Europe. Specific regulations concerning health insurance do exist at some partner universities that must be considered.

Please keep in mind as well that the health care systems of the host countries are very different. In the US for example medical treatment is very expensive. In Latin America the medical care in rural areas does not meet European standards.

Casualty Insurance

The casualty insurance you automatically have as a student of TU Darmstadt is not valid overseas.

Liability Insurance

Please check if your liability insurance is also valid overseas. If this is not the case, an additional insurance may be recommended.

Please note that we cannot offer insurance counseling. Different providers such as Educare, CareMed, HanseMerkur or ADAC, etc. are available. We can recommend the insurance package of the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service).

In contrast to the Erasmus+ Program of the European Union, students who want to study at a non-European university do not automatically receive a full scholarship. Please inform yourself on our website about Grants and Scholarships .


Bitte tragen Sie sich in die Krisenvorsorgeliste (ELEFAND) des Auswärtigen Amts ein, das erleichtert es dem Auswärtigen Amt in Krisensituationen einen Überblick über die eventuell betroffenen deutschen Staatsbürger_innen zu erhalten.

Im außereuropäischen Ausland sollten Sie besonders vorsichtig sein, da Sie mit den lokalen Gegebenheiten nicht wie ein Einheimischer vertraut sind und eventuell auf Grund sprachlicher Barrieren Verständnisschwierigkeiten haben können. Wir empfehlen Ihnen sich vor dem Aufenthalt vorzubereiten und auch während dem Aufenthalt einige Regeln zu beachten. Hilfreiche Informationen finden Sie in den Länderberichten des DAAD.

Please ask for the Transcript of Records in good time BEFORE you leave. Your host university will confirm your achievements abroad with a Transcript of Records (ToR). In most cases, the partner universities will send the ToR to TU Darmstadt and you will be informed as soon as it has arrived. In some cases, the universities hand it out directly to the students.

Do not forget to exmatriculate at the host university, to deregistrate with the local authorities and to cancel contracts and insurances in time, if necessary.

With your Transcript of Records, you can have your study achievements abroad recognised and, if applicable, add it to the Diploma Supplement.

Please contact the Student Affairs Office or the Departmental Coordinator of your department if you have further questions about the Transcript of Records.

After your return, we require an experience report from you, which should be three to four pages long and include topics such as the partner university,

accommodation, life, selected courses etc. On our website you will find the template, (opens in new tab) as well as a guide (opens in new tab) for the experience report.

Please fill out the form “Abschlussdokumente Overseas Outgoings” and also upload the experience report of the stay abroad in this context.

Please take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions .

Guidelines Online Application Outgoer (opens in new tab) Our guidelines provide you with some help when filling in the online application form.
Learning Agreement You will need the Learning Agreement for planning your stay abroad. In it you determine which classes you will take abroad in accordance with TU Darmstadt and the partner university.
Guidance Experience Report (opens in new tab) Guidance on writing an experience report.
Template Experience Report You can use this template for writing your experience report.