Modules – Information and Registration

You can register for modules in TUCaN under “Courses”.


A module is a self-contained learning unit comprised of one or more courses and one or more examinations.

Modules consist of academic components, such as coursework and achievements. These achievements are, for example, courses and examinations.

You must register individually in TUCaN for each module, for each course and for each exam.

To register for a module, open the main menu Courses in the TUCaN web portal and then the submenu Registration in the left column. There you can register.

Detailed instructions:

Step 1:

Open the menu Courses.

Step 2:

In the left submenu, click on Registration.

Step 3:

If you have entered yourself for several degree courses, please select the degree course in which you wish to register for a module. You may have to confirm your selection with Update.

Step 4:

Click on the list to which the module belongs.

Step 5:

Click on the menu strand to which the module belongs.

Step 6:

Choose the module for which you wish to register. Click on Register.

Step 7:

Click on Next.

Step 8:

Click on Submit.

Under the title Module Registration the information Your registration has been successful now appears.

If you wish to register for further modules click on Back to registration.

If you click on My Current Registrations, you see all modules for which you are registered and admitted in the current semester. Modules for which you have registered in earlier semesters can be found in My Modules.