Early Master's credits

During the Bachelor's degree programme, up to 30 CP of Master's credits may be acquired.

Section 20 (3) allows students of Bachelor's degree programmes to register and acquire up to 30 CP as voluntary additional credits in the context of modules from a corresponding consecutive Master's degree programme at TU Darmstadt already during the Bachelor's degree programme.

The department decides whether and to what extent registration for the modules, courses and examinations of the Master's degree programme can be carried out by students in the TUCaN portal or whether registration must be carried out via the Office for Student Affairs.

If you are interested in registering and are unable to do so in TUCaN, please contact the responsible Office for Student Affairs.

Credit points (CP) and examination achievements of the early modules, including any failed attempts, will be credited upon admission to a consecutive Master's degree programme.

Please note that it is not permitted to bring earlier achievements for the Master's degree programme beyond 30 CP!