City Registration (Einwohnermeldeamt)

In Germany, registering your current place of residence is required by law. The Residents' Registration Office is responsible for residence/accommodation matters.

*Here you can find more information regarding residence permit or Foreigners Office.

If you have moved into an accommodation after entering Germany, you must inform the relevant Residents' Registration Office within two weeks about your new address. If you are not able to make an appointment with the Registration Office within two weeks, it is also possible to inform them about your address on a later appointment. If you are planning to stay only for three months, you don’t have to register your address.

With the search engine, you can easily find the appropriate residents' registration office where you are living. An appointment can usually be made via the online portal on their website directly.

You will need a valid passport or an EU identity card together with the Rental Agreement, also known as ‘Wohnungsgeberbestätigung’. A housing contract will NOT be accepted. Please inform yourself in advance of the documents you will need before your appointment at your respective registration office.

Here you can find the form for the ‘Wohnungsgeberbestätigung’.

After registering your residence, you will receive a ‘Meldebescheinigung’. This serves as proof of your residential address. It is important and is required for certain procedures in Germany, such as opening a bank account and tax identification number, for example. Do not lose this document.

Please see paragraph 3 for more information.

Further Information:

When you are staying temporarily in a hotel or with your friends after entering Germany, you will still need to fill in the rental agreement and register your address.

If you are planning to move and change your address later, please make sure that you re-register your new address. If you are leaving Germany you will also need to deregister this address at the same respective registration office.

International Student Services (ISS) organises group appointments at the Residents' Registration Office in Darmstadt to assist students.

Unfortunately, all group appointments are fully booked. Please try to book an appointment on your own. See paragraph 2 for a step-by-step-tutorial.

Please note: ISS can offer only the appointments listed on the form. If you need an appointment for a different date, you will have to request it on your own at the Registration Office.

Please bring the following documents with you to the registration:

• Valid passport or an EU identity card

• Rental Agreement, also known as ‘Wohnungsgeberbestätigung’ (a housing contract will NOT be accepted)

Here you can find the document: Wohnungsgeberbestätigung

Here you can find further information on the Residents' Registration Office.

Location of the registration office in Darmstadt:

Luisenplatz 5 A, 64283 Darmstadt.

You can make an appointment through the Resident Registration Office website directly. Check out our step-by step guide for booking an appointment in Darmstadt. (opens in new tab)

Your tax identification number will be sent to you by post within two weeks of your initial registration with the registration office. It is possible to request this number directly from the tax office (Finanzamt) two days after the initial registration.

After moving to Germany, you have to pay the so-called “licence fee (opens in new tab)”, which is a fee every citizen has to pay for public broadcasting services.However, if you live in shared accommodation, not everyone has to pay – one residence means one fee. Students often benefit from that rule, since they are able to share the fee with their flatmates (opens in new tab).

After having registered at the registration office (Einwohnermeldeamt), you will get a letter concerning the licence fee.

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