Outgoing Exchange


The general deadline for applying for an exchange is 30.11.2021. The deadline for Hessen programmes is 15.11.2021.

Timely submission and completeness of application documents!

The following documents are generally required:

- Study progress: the most up-to-date Transcript of Records (Please note that the Leistungsspiegel from TUCAN is not enough and you shall request the official ToR in English from the Offices for Student Affairs of your department).

- Motivation Letter (Why do you want to make an exchange? Where would you like to go? Why there?)

- Language skills

→ Please ask the international representatives of your department for the exact details of the selection procedure and a list of required documents!

Please note: In addition to the application via the MoveOn portal, you must submit an application to your department.

Please contact moveon@zv.tu-darmstadt.de.

This is a preliminary (non-binding) draft of the Learning Agreement.

- Content: Lectures, seminars, etc. that you would like to attend abroad.

- Note: Check the websites of the partner universities for a course catalogue (Attention: You will not always find a current course catalogue – use course catalogues from previous years for orientation).

The application form is valid for all country areas. In one application you can indicate wishes for exchange in Asia as well as in Europe or America.

Online application https://tuda.moveon4.de/form/62e2b859b988190b9f15e492/deu

- Yes, applications are possible for the winter semester + summer semester as well as for the winter semester or summer semester only.

- Please note: The application deadline is 30.11. of the previous year. For both SoSe and WiSe!

Yes, while submitting your online application, you can apply for places from other departments. Please note, however, that your chances of getting a place from another department are significantly lower, as priority is given to the students of the corresponding department due to their subject-specific qualifications. In this case, please discuss the procedure with the contact person from Directorate VIIIc responsible for Asia or America. In any case, the application within TU must be submitted by the faculty coordinator of your department.

Unfortunately, there are no “remaining places” for overseas

The selection for a study abroad programme is made by your department on the basis of the applications received.

- The department sends a list of selected students to the International Relationships Overseas office on 15 January.

In February, selected students will receive an official letter from the International Relationships Overseas office, informing them of their selection for an exchange programme. This letter will include an acceptance letter that students will have to sign if they are willing to accept the place.

At some partner universities nomination is the first step for starting the application. Nomination is done by us (International Relationships Overseas office). Upon nomination, students must submit the application to the partner universities. Once we have nominated you, we will inform you about all the necessary steps you have to undertake! Make sure to check your student email regularly!

Our office will send you all the important information about the application procedures in due time.

Tip: Please, also inform yourself on the webpage of the partner university about the application procedure and required documents. Some documents may take time to be issued. Links to the partner universities are available on our website.

Some universities require students to apply directly, in some cases students have to send the documents to the home university exchange coordinator – our office, and we complete the student application.

For a successful application, all documents must be submitted in complete form and in due time to meet the specified deadline. It is not possible to extend the application deadlines! If submitted after the deadline documents will not be considered by the partner university.

Many host universities require a letter of recommendation from a professor explaining why you are eligible to study abroad.

Please note that in most cases the letter of recommendation must be written in English.

Letter of motivation: Self-written text about your motivation for the exchange.

Letter of recommendation: A letter from a professor describing the student's eligibility for the specific exchange.

A study plan should indicate your intentions at the partner university. What courses do you want to take? For what reason?

It is the performance record. You can request it from the study office of your department. Please note that for the application Overseas you need a ToR in English!

Please check the websites of the partner universities for information on language requirements.

The language requirements differ from university to university.

- Please note at some partner universities the language requirements are listed as recommendations, at other partner universities the submission of language certificates is obligatory prior to your exchange.

- IELTS and TOEFL IBT are among the most often requested tests. In certain cases, a certificate from the Language Centre of the TU Darmstadt is sufficient.

- Make sure you make an appointment for taking the language test early enough, as there can be long waiting lists during peak periods.

- If you already have a language certificate: Make sure that it is a valid certificate (not older than two years!).

- Please note: Your school graduation certificate does not serve as proof of language proficiency!

- If you have to take a TOEFL language test, please enter the “institutional code” of the TU Darmstadt “B459” when registering online.

Yes, you can have your language proficiency tested and certified at the Language Centre of the TU Darmstadt.

- If you are interested: Make an appointment [link: https://www.spz.tu-darmstadt.de/spz_sprachpruefungen/spz_daad/index.en.jsp] [German page with dates: https://www.spz.tu-darmstadt.de/spz_sprachpruefungen/spz_daad/index.de.jsp] at the Language Centre of the TU Darmstadt.

- Test (listening and reading comprehension, oral and written expression) and certificate: for students of the TU Darmstadt 30.00 euros (as of August 2022).

Exchange opportunities and well as Experience reports can be found here: https://tuda.moveon4.de/publisher/1/deu

In general, please check with your insurance company about your coverage abroad! As a rule, you must obtain private health insurance for your stay abroad. The DAAD also offers low-cost private health insurance to cover study periods abroad. https://www.daad.de/de/im-ausland-studieren-forschen-lehren/stipendien-finanzierung/daad-versicherungen/versicherung-im-ausland/

Please contact your health insurance provider. There you will receive the necessary information on handling the treatment costs compensation.

- If you are no longer able to attend examinations/tests because of an injury/illness, please inform your contact person at the partner university (usually the International Office). Remember to submit

a doctor's certificate.

- In addition, please also inform our (Overseas) office at the TU Darmstadt (by e-mail: julia.fitzthum@tu-darmstadt.de or lars.bergmeyer@tu-darmstadt.de).

No, with an exchange place you are not guaranteed a place in a student residence hall at the partner university.

- Many partner universities also offer you the opportunity to apply for a student residence hall when you apply for your place at the university.

- Find out more about this on the websites of the partner universities.

- Tip: Find out about the housing situation in the host country from the experience reports of previous exchange students https://tuda.moveon4.de/publisher/1/deu

No, unfortunately, it is not possible to postpone a semester abroad! Some partners had made concessions in this regard due to the Corona pandemic, but this is no longer the case.

Please check the websites of the partner universities as early as possible to find out what they have to offer and make your study plans carefully, consulting with your department. Once you have accepted your exchange place, this acceptance is binding,

and you will be officially nominated by TU Darmstadt to the partner universities.

Please note that our partner universities only provide a limited number of places and in the event of a cancellation, the place can no longer be used by other students and thus will be lost. We want to avoid this for ourselves and our partners. In addition, the requirements of the funding basically rule out a postponement to a new academic year/semester.

However, in the event of unavoidable cancellation, you have the opportunity to reapply for a stay abroad in November of each year in a completely new application procedure.

It is possible to terminate your stay abroad prematurely for health or personal reasons (serious illness or accident in the family).

- Please inform our office at TU Darmstadt and your contact person (usually the International Office) at the partner university as soon as possible.

Yes, there are various scholarships for a stay abroad.

- DAAD Scholarship Database https://www2.daad.de/ausland/studieren/stipendium/de/70-stipendien-finden-und-bewerben/

- International BAföG https://www.auslandsbafoeg.de/

- Funding options in TU Darmstadt and some external scholarships: https://www.tu-darmstadt.de/studieren/studierende_tu/auslandsaufenthalte/foerderung_und_stipendien_outbound/index.de.jsp

- Scholarships from foundations, companies, etc.

- Private scholarships

- Please consider the scholarship guidelines (compatibility of several scholarships etc.)!

If the purpose of the scholarship is not or partially not achieved (e.g. due to premature termination), the amounts already paid out must generally be repaid and may be subject to interest.

If the scholarship holder terminates his/her scholarship stay prematurely for reasons for which he/she is responsible intentionally or through gross negligence, he/she must repay the scholarship.

Please read the experience reports of former exchange students to get the most relevant information https://tuda.moveon4.de/publisher/1/deu.

Students must apply for a Semester on Leave to the Student Service

- Further information on Semesters of Leave https://www.tu-darmstadt.de/studieren/studieren_von_a_bis_z/artikel_details_de_en_41792.de.jsp

- Please contact the office of student affairs of your faculty for more information https://www.tu-darmstadt.de/studieren/studierende_tu/studienorganisation_und_tucan/kontakt_4/Studienbueros.de.jsp

- Please note: a Semester on Leave due to a study-related stay abroad does not exclude the acquisition of academic achievements and examinations.

Please visit the semester ticket reimbursement page for information on the possibility of a refund. https://semesterticket.asta.tu-darmstadt.de/rmv/

- The following applies in general: A refund with retroactive effect is not possible under any circumstances.

Experience report (3-4 pages, topics: partner university, housing, student life, etc.). Template and guidance on writing an experience report can be found here: https://www.tu-darmstadt.de/studieren/studierende_tu/auslandsaufenthalte/austauschprogramme_outbound/austausch_in_die_welt/index.de.jsp [English page: Update the template and the guidance!! German page is up to date!]

Please contact the office of student affairs of your faculty https://www.tu-darmstadt.de/studieren/studierende_tu/studienorganisation_und_tucan/kontakt_4/Studienbueros.de.jsp and submit to them your Transcript of Records (original) from the partner university.

- If you have any questions about recognition, please contact the coordinator of your department responsible for international affairs.

International Relations Overseas (we): Organisation of your stay abroad, contact with partner universities.

The coordinator of your department, responsible for international affairs: Academic issues (learning agreement), recognition of academic achievements.