You want to specialize further after your Bachelor's degree? The TU Darmstadt offers a variety of research-oriented Master's programmes. In the following, we give you an overview of the programmes and present the highlights.

What it's all about

  • Master's programmes by department
  • Internationally oriented: English-language master's programmes and double degree programmes
  • Finding the perfect master's programme
  • How and when do I apply for a master's?
  • Why TUDa?

Faculties of the master's programmes

The focus of the study programmes offered at TU Darmstadt is on engineering and natural sciences. In addition, concise humanities and social sciences are offered. All study programmes from A-Z can be found on the TU Darmstadt website under Prospective Students.

Materials Science M.Sc.

I chose TUDa because of its excellent rankings and the availability of my programme in English language.

Portrait Moiz
Picture: Britta Hüning

Internationally oriented: Master's programmes taught in English and double degree programmes

The TU Darmstadt is international! Best seen in the many Master programmes that are offered in English. You can study entirely in English in the following departments:

Double degree programmes are a particularly good foundation for an international career. The double degree and dual degree agreements offer qualified students the opportunity to obtain two degrees in parallel, for example at a partner university in France, Sweden, Spain, Brazil, China or the USA.

Data and Discourse Studies M.A.

I study at TUDa because my study programme is unique and exists only here. I decided for this study programme because it allows me to treat classical humanities with new digital methods and thus approach them from a perspective much more relevant to the modern world.

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Picture: Britta Hüning

Find the perfect Master's degree programme

Master: yes! But which degree programme exactly, you are not quite sure yet? Here are our decision-making tools for you.

Online Self Assessment (OSA): OSAs are available for some Master's programmes. With online tests, you can test your expectations of the programme and thus check whether the programme you have chosen is really right for you.

Course catalog: you can get a good insight into the master's programme by looking at the course catalog of a programme. Most of the content is freely accessible, which means you can just go and check it out.

Study offices: Contact the study office of the respective department directly, if you have a specific question about the application, admission or the contents. Their experts will be able to help you competently.

To the overview of the study offices.

How and when do I apply for the Master's programme?

Most Master's programmes at TU Darmstadt have two starting dates. The application period for starting with the winter semester usually begins on June 1st and goes until July 15th or August 31st – depending on the individual study programmes. The application period for the summer semester runs from December 1st to January 15th or March 1st.

To the application deadlines

Applications are submitted online via the TUCaN portal.

More information about the Master's application

Environmental Engineering M.Sc.

I decided to study at TUDa because I wanted to live in a city full of students and the location is great!

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Picture: Britta Hüning