Saving energy?
Our tips on energy-conscious living

Saving energy should always be a relevant topic in order to conserve resources and reduce the burden on the climate. This blogpost was written during the energy crisis early in 2023 – this winter, too, it is worthwhile to pay attention to it. As students, the increased energy prices affect us more than many others – and we want to live more sustainably anyway. How can we do that? The #studentsofTUdarmstadt have put together some important information on the topic of energy and also share their tips with you. Because even small measures make a difference – let's go!

Published: 4th January, 2023, latest update: 27th October 2023

M.A. Data and Discourse Studies

The fact that we all need to save, either money or energy will in a way prompt us to act more responsibly towards our planet. Maybe like this we can fight waste, pollution and pure consumption and learn to live more greenly, for our future's sake first of all.

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Global energy crisis? TU Darmstadt takes action.

Computer centre, laboratory technology, air-conditioning systems, experimental set-ups: As a technical university with active research operations, TUDa as an institution has a very high energy demand – and therefore also a lot of potential for savings! To reduce our energy consumption consistently, TU Darmstadt started a campaign in the winter of 2022/23 and has set a clear goal to achieve: saving 5% of the electricity consumption and 15% of the heating consumption of TU Darmstadt.

And it's working well; the university has even been able to save significantly more energy. The current data is available from the Sustainable Development Office.

Campaign of TU Darmstadt
Campaign of TU Darmstadt

Since every single person can also make a contribution, TUDa calls on everyone to join in. University worked out 15 easy tips to save energy while working and studying. There are also a few special recommendations for the cold season.

Tag along!

The #studentsofTUdarmstadt have also thought of some additional tips how to save energy and money and stay warm throughout the winter.

Save energy

To save electricity make sure you follow TUDa's pieces of advice also at home: make sure you have LEDs lamps and turn all unused devices Off. Note: Even in standby mode, your devices still consume a lot of energy!

Agata has a unique trick for you to save energy and thus valuable money:

M.A. Applied Linguistics

No more work for today? Turn off your wifi. We often forget about the router, yet it doesn't need to be on all the time. You'll save a few pennies, plus you won't be tempted to look at your phone or laptop again. Despite our student life, we also need to get some sleep sometime.

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Turn off the lights!
Turn off the lights!

You can use your electric appliances much more efficiently if you put your mind to it and do some planning. Here are some pieces of advice from Catalina:

  • Buy energy-efficient household appliances. Efficient electrical appliances are an equally important part of saving energy. The high class of energy efficiency includes equipment of class A, A+, and A++. By replacing old appliances, you can reduce your costs.

  • Use your electric stove correctly. For example, 10 minutes before your meal is ready, you can already turn off the stove. Due to the slow cooling of the burner, your food will reach readiness without the unnecessary use of electricity.

  • We recommend regular defrosting of the refrigerator and freezer. When there are thick ice growths inside the freezer compartment, the appliance consumes electricity unnecessarily.
Turn off the lights!
Turn off the lights!
  • A good warm cup of tea can be an excellent way to warm up and shake up. There are also tips for making your tea taste better and “cost” less.

  • Catalina recommends descaling the electric kettle periodically. Solid layers of salts on the internal walls of the device create a high thermal resistance, which significantly reduces the efficiency of the kettle, and, accordingly, increases its energy consumption.

  • Masha’s tip is to boil your kettle only with the amount of water you need.Boiling more and just letting the rest cool down will be quite a waste of expensive energy. 

Even some hygiene habits can save some kilowatts and also water:

B.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

Take a shower instead of a bath. Short showers use less water and electricity than baths.

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To keep warm – Reduce heating costs

Alternative ways to keep warm
Alternative ways to keep warm

Agata and Masha have also gathered a few suggestions on how to warm up a room smartly:

  • A lot of energy is lost when radiators are cluttered with furniture. Instead of heating up the air, we heat for example the sofa. But that's not what we want. So it's worth checking at the start of the heating season whether you have covered your radiators with furniture during the summer.

  • Are the radiators making bubbling noises or is the radiator only half-heated? This means that there's some air in the radiator. There is a simple way to solve this. To do this you need to unscrew the thread on the side of the radiator. Do this slowly and preferably place a bowl underneath. When you start to unscrew the thread, you will hear a hissing sound – this is the air that comes out – when water starts to drip, you can tighten the thread. And that's it :) You can also look online for step-by-step videos on how to do this.

  • If you have new windows and doors in your flat, you are unlikely to need this point. With older ones, it is worth checking that they are airtight. Nobody wants to heat a room when all that heat escapes through gaps in the windows or doors. If you have a problem with this, call a professional, or a landlord or fit the seals yourself.

  • To make your radiator heat more “efficiently” put a sheet of tin foil behind the radiator (between a radiator and a wall). It will reflect the warmth back into the room instead of purposelessly warming the walls.

To keep warm – Reduce heating costs

You can also warm yourself up with rather traditional means!

  • For example good old hot water bottle or a good and appropriate choice of clothes.
  • Don't think that clothes are unimportant. This year we need many layers to stay warm and would be nice not to look exactly like an onion. So go for it and choose your stylish but also warm (layers-layers-layers) outfit.

Also, remember to move – which is also a must in order to keep warm. Hence a tip from Richard:

Biology and Chemistry Teaching at Secondary Schools

Instead of a car use a bike from bike-sharing stations. Alternatively, you can get your old beat-up bike repaired at the repair stations on the TUDa campus.

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Did you know that keeping your hands, head and neck warm is about 30% of generally feeling warm? So this season do not forget a hat, scarf and gloves.

We do hope you can use some of our tips and together with us switch from “more” to “better”!

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