Language Requirements for Exchange Students from Non-European Countries

For exchange students from Asia, North and South America and Oceania there is no minimum requirement regarding German proficiency.

Please note that our lectures are primarily held in German. Therefore we strongly suggest you improve your knowledge of the German language prior to your stay in Darmstadt. The exams at TU Darmstadt are predominantly in German and there is no guarantee that there will be the option of taking them in English. Some knowledge of German will greatly help you while living in Germany.

After your arrival in Darmstadt we strongly recommend that you participate in the intensive German language course which takes place before the official start of each semester at TU Darmstadt (in March for the summer semester and in September for the winter semester). This language course is free of charge and a great opportunity for you to improve your German skills. Students with good German skills are also invited to participate.

If you are planning to only take classes which are held in English, you need to submit a respective proof of your English knowledge if you are not studying in English at your home institution. Please choose suitable English-taught courses from the range of courses offered at TU Darmstadt and fill in your Learning Agreement accordingly. You will find the courses held in English in our online course schedule called TUCaN.

Information for Double-Degree Students Only

Different language requirements apply for double-degree students, according to the contract between your home university and TU Darmstadt. Please ask the departmental coordinator of your home institution for detailed information.