Registration at TU Darmstadt – Exchange Students

After your successful application to TU Darmstadt, enrolment is the next step to becoming a student at TU Darmstadt.

Every student has to register at Technische Universität Darmstadt – the enrolment is the official registration. With your letter of admission for an exchange programme, you can register prior to the beginning of your studies at TU Darmstadt. Once you enrol at TU Darmstadt, you will get your Semesterticket for use on public transport in the Rhine-Main area. That’s why you should take care of your enrolment as soon as possible.

  1. Please transfer the registration fees to TU Darmstadt – do not forget to specify your BW number.
  2. Upon receiving the money, your student ID will be sent to the Unit for International Relations and Mobility within ten working days. We will contact you as soon as your student ID can be picked up.
  3. On presentation of valid health insurance, you can pick up your student ID in the Unit for International Relations and Mobility.

Registration Fees

At TU Darmstadt, there are no tuition fees. However, students have to pay registration fees. As an exchange student, you pay a reduced amount.

More detailed information on registration fees, for instance the current amount and a detailed breakdown of costs, can be found here. The amount includes contributions for the Studierendenwerk, the student body and the Semesterticket.These costs cannot be refunded at the end of your stay.

Students who stay longer than one semester at TU Darmstadt have to pay the registration fees every semester.

Please note: International students who are pursuing a degree at Technische Universität Darmstadt have to pay the full amount, since they are enrolled as regular students.

Student ID & Semesterticket

After successful registration at TU Darmstadt, you will receive your student identity card. Your student ID offers a lot of benefits, such as reduced prices at certain locations, such as the cinema or concerts. With your student ID card, you can visit the Staatstheater for free if there are tickets left three days before a performance. See Staatstheater Darmstadt for information about performances.Your student ID also serves as your Semesterticket. It enables you to use local public transportation and regional trains free of charge – in Darmstadt, the Rhine-Main area and beyond. To see which region is covered, where your ticket is valid and for more detailed information, please refer to the website of TU Darmstadt General Students' Committee (ASTA).