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Changes in study regulations from winter semester 2024/25 on

The study regulations for this degree programme will be reformed with effect from 01.10.2024. If you are interested in enrolling for the winter semester 24/25 (or later) and would like information on the new study regulations, please contact the Materials Science Office for Student Affairs.


The M.Sc. Materials Science programme is entirely taught in English. The programme focuses on the understanding, the synthesis and the characterization of functional materials such as energy materials, magnetic or electronic materials. Courses on theoretical materials science include quantum mechanics, non-equilibrium thermodynamics, and continuum mechanics.

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Study Regulations with Semester Course and Examination Schedule (English. The English translation is for information purposes only. The legally binding document is the German version.)

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Semesters 4
Language English
Start of studies Winter semester, summer semester
Internship ---
Admission requirements 1. a degree B.Sc. Materialwissenschaft of TU Darmstadt (reference programme), or an equivalent degree;

2. English C1;

3. Additional admission requirements:
Study regulations
Competences description.

4. Formal and language requirements for applicants with international qualifications.

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Admission procedure Provided that the admission requirements (entrance examination) are met, there are no numerical admission restrictions.
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Almost all economic sectors are based on the availability of high-performance materials that have to meet increasingly complex demands. It takes specialists for the development of novel or improved (i.e. more efficient, more sustainable, cheaper and/or multifunctional) materials and related processes, particularly regarding the technological progress and the growth of the world population with simultaneously increasing scarcity of raw materials and energy.

Graduates can find employment in areas such as material development, material technology (i.e. the development of new production and processing methods), applications engineering, materials testing/quality control, and failure analysis. Thus, Materials Scientists can internationally find work in the industrial sector and research institutions but also, for instance, in administration or the insurance sector.

The M.Sc. degree qualifies for a dissertation through which you obtain a Ph.D. This opens up higher career paths.

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