Applied Linguistics

Master of Arts; tuition language: German

Angewandte Linguistik, M.A.


The programme deals with the basics of text linguistics and writing science, also taking into account culture-specific differences.

Therefore, the first part of the course aims at deepening competences in the research areas of writing research, variation linguistics and text and discourse linguistics. The special profile of this Linguistics Master, however, lies in its subsequent compulsory focal points, in which these fundamentals can be deepened in two directions:

Focus on “text competence”, especially with regard to the context “language at work” or “German as a foreign language / German as a second language”. Both focus areas also work on a project-oriented basis, and an internship must be included in both.

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Degree Master of Arts
Duration 4 Semesters
Programme start
Language: German. Individual courses/modules can be offered in English. It can be assumed that scientific literature must be read and edited in English or other foreign languages.
Costs and budget Costs and budget
Admission Applying with international qualifications (language requirements, application deadlines): International Admission .
The entrance competences refer to the competence profile of the B.A. Digital Philology , J.B.A. Digital Philology or J.B.A. Germanistik of the Technical University of Darmstadt as reference study programmes.
The course-specific admission requirements can be found here and in the Competence descriptions. If you have any questions, please contact the Departmental Student Advisory Service.
Internship See semester course schedule
Part-time Studies Possible under specific conditions
Special Features Preparatory steps:

Upon successful completion of a Master of Arts degree, there is the opportunity to begin working towards a Ph.D. either at the Technical University of Darmstadt or at another national or international university: Ph.D. at Technical University of Darmstadt

The job market for graduates of Applied Linguistics is generally broad and varied. Graduates are especially sought for positions at universities, in literary and linguistic teaching and research as well as in language teaching in the private school system. Other career opportunities can be found in schoolbook and textbook editing, in publishing houses (e.g. in editing), in radio, TV and newspaper editorial teams, in PR and advertisement agencies, in libraries and archives, in international organisations, at Goethe Institutes, as well as in the cultural sector (e.g. as dramaturge at theaters). With additional business qualifications, they can find employment in business enterprises (e.g. in marketing and distribution or in human resources).

For this reason it is important to start early in the degree program to gain practical work experience in relevant organisations. In this way students can promote themselves as competent professionals in practice and make important professional contacts. The likelihood of finding a good position is definitely heightened if the student is flexible when it comes to commuting or even moving abroad. Good English language skills are particularly important when it comes to the international job market.

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