How do I withdraw from a course?

Important notes

  • If you withdraw from a course, your registration for the associated exam will automatically be cancelled as well (this does not affect module examinations).
  • If you withdraw from a course, your registration of the module will not be cancelled automatically.
  • If you withdraw from an examination, your registration of the course will not be cancelled automatically.
  • You can only withdraw from a course within the time limits. The periods allowed for cancellation can be different, depending on the course. You can withdraw from a course up to one week before the examination.
  • Important note! For many courses the cancellation period is shorter. Please notice the information from the Offices of Study Programmes and Examinations.

How to withdraw from a course:

Step 1:

Open the menu Courses.

Step 2:

Click on My Current Registrations in the left menu bar.

Step 3:

Select the course from which you wish to deregister. Click on Cancel.

Step 4:

Click on Next.

Step 5:

Click on Submit.

Under the title Course Registration the information Your cancellation has been successful now appears.

If you want to withdraw from another course, click on My Current Registrations.