How do I withdraw from an examination?


In general, you can withdraw from the examination until 7 days before the examination date. These dates may vary individually – please consider the deadlines in the exam details!

Detailed guide:

Step 1:

Open the menu Examinations.

Step 2:

Open the submenu My Examinations.

Step 3:

Select the examination from which you wish to unregister. Click on Unregister.

Step 4:

Click on Submit.

Step 5:

Now you have unregistered from the examination what is confirmed by the note Your cancellation has been successful. If you wish to withdraw from further examinations, click on Back to exam registration. Repeat steps 3 and 4.

Please Note:
You will not be signed up for the next examination automatically if you withdraw from the current examination. The system just takes note that you want to do the examination in a future semester. You have to sign up for the examination again within the given deadlines.