Illness of a child or a relative in need of care

What needs to be taken into account when withdrawing from an examination due to illness of a child or a relative in need of care? When and where must what be submitted?

If an examinee cannot take part in an examination at short notice due to the illness of a child or relative in need of care, a withdrawal from the examination for health or other serious reasons is possible in accordance with § 15 (5) APB (opens in new tab) .

For this purpose, documents which substantiate the illness and the need for care of the child or the relative must be submitted to the Office for Student Affairs in your department no later than three calendar days after the examination date.

A medical certificate confirming the illness and need for care of the child or relative, as well as proof that the child is your own (e.g. a copy of your family record) or that the relative is being cared for by you, would be suitable documents.

The same conditions apply to the presentation of the documents as in the case of an examination inability recognised before the start of the examination .

As in the case of other short-term withdrawals from examinations, the withdrawal is applied for to the examination board via the Office for Student Affairs in your department. The chairperson of the examination board decides whether the reasons for withdrawal are recognised (§15 (6) APB).

Please note:

If the above mentioned documents are not submitted within the deadline, then all exam performances for which a withdrawal should be requested will be evaluated as “insufficient” (5,0), since the exam date was missed without excuse. This also eliminates the possibility of an oral supplementary examination for third examinations attempts.