Withdrawal from an examination without giving reasons

What is to be considered?

According to §15 Abs. 1 APB (opens in new tab) withdrawal from an examination is usually possible up to 7 days before the examination date.

In exceptional cases, this withdrawal deadline can be brought forward; please note possible deviations! You can find the deadline for the deregistration period in the examination details in TUCaN.


The exam will take place on 22 May. Withdrawal without giving reasons is therefore usually possible until 14 May at 11:59 pm.

Deregistration in TUCaN

Deregister in TUCaN from the exam.

You can deregister from the exam via Examinations -> My examinations. Instructions for deregistering from exams can be found in the TUCaN FAQ under “Deregistering from exams”.

If you have any questions about deregistering from exams, please contact the Office for Student Affairs in your department.