Viewing of examination scripts

Every examinee has the right to view the examination scripts; this right is regulated by the APB (§ 29 Para. 2 APB).

The viewing is used for self-checking and control of the correction.

When and how the viewing takes place is a matter for the examiners, who arrange this at their own discretion. Date, duration, place and procedure of the viewing are to be determined by the examiners.

There is a cut-off deadline after which the viewing must be requested within one year.

Procedure of the viewing

  • Please bring a photo ID with you.
  • Please also bring paper, pencil/colored pens.
  • Bags, etc. may not be taken to the place of viewing.
  • Students are only allowed to view their own exam materials.
  • In general, students are allowed to photograph the exam, including the text of the assignment and the correction notes, for the purpose of inspection in accordance with § 29 Para. 2 APB. In individual cases, photographing can be prohibited by the examiners. The decision is to be made on the basis of the objective circumstances.

    In any case, passing on the photos to other persons or on the Internet is prohibited and may have legal consequences in the event of a violation (assertion of a claim for injunctive relief, damages § 97 UrhG).
  • The same applies to making copies, but requires a request to the examiners for organization.
  • The takeaway of examination documents (examination papers, sample solutions or reports) by students is not permitted.

Complaints (Monita)

  • The viewing is not used for grade negotiation. No score or result corrections will be made directly in the viewing.
  • Complaints must be documented and submitted in writing; notes on an extra (colored) sheet of paper are permitted for the assertion of complaints. It is permitted to take one's own notes for complaints.
  • If the exam is corrected again, the grade may be deteriorated due to new errors.
  • Please note the deadline and form set by the auditor for submitting complaints.

Inability / Authorization

If the viewing date is not attended by the examinee, an alternative date can be offered. There is no obligation to do so, unless the examinee could not keep the appointment (illness, important appointment, distant stay abroad or similar, other good reasons).

The examinee can authorize a representative to carry out the inspection on his behalf. For this purpose, an authorization must state who is authorized, and the authorized person must identify himself/herself. The authorization must be in writing (ffacsimile is also possible).