What is the meaning of the performance overviews that I can get in the Office for Student Affairs?

Your Office for Student Affairs can issue you with performance overviews on request.

There is the “normal” performance overview, which lists all the modules you have passed so far in your course of study, an “extended” performance overview, which also shows registered but not yet assessed examinations and failed attempts at examinations, and a performance overview of additional achievements.

On the “normal” performance overview, all modules are listed that you have registered for and successfully completed as part of your degree program.

The CP total shown in the top line includes the CP of all achievements including achievements that are not part of the intended degree (additional achievements and early master achievements) and are therefore not listed in this achievement overview. A summation of the listed CP of all performed modules may therefore differ from the CP sum output above.

Please note: Modules in which you have already completed a partial performance, but which have not yet been fully completed, are not shown.

For certain purposes (e.g. Bafög) extended performance overviews are required, which also show failed exams or exams that are registered but not yet assessed. The extended performance overview corresponds to the normal performance overview, but additionally shows the registered but not passed examination performances.

If you would like to receive a record of the achievements that you have passed, although they are not required for your intended degree, you can have a performance overview of the additional achievements created. This performance overview lists all performances that were acquired in the area of “Additional Performances” or “Advanced Master's Performances”.