Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen — technische Fachrichtung Maschinenbau

Master of Science; tuition language: German

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All Business Engineering degree programmes at the Technical University of Darmstadt are defined by their distinct interdisciplinary nature. They contain parts of both the Business Studies (business administration and economics) and Law on the one hand and Engineering on the other to nearly the same extent.

The Master’s degree programmes in Business Engineering focuses on a smaller scale on the engineering area of specialisation than the non-business Engineering programmes. With respect to their technical field of studies, the students of Business Engineering otherwise attend the same courses as the students enrolled in the corresponding purely technical Master’s programmes.

During the programme, it is possible to spend entire semesters in a foreign country.

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Department of Law and Economics

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Degree Master of Science
Duration 4 Semesters
Programme start
Language German. Individual courses can be offered in English. Please be aware that scientific literature is be read and edited also in English.
Internship ---
Admission Applying with international qualifications (language requirements, application deadlines): International Admission .
Requirements for admission to the Master’s degree programme comprise a “Bachelor of Science” degree from the same programme or an equivalent degree. Admission to the Master’s Degree programme may also depend on additional requirements. Specific degree entrance requirements may be found here and in the competences description.
A Business Engineering internship; see next point “internship”
Good to know Technical University of Darmstadt offers a Double Degree Programme at a partner university for this course.
Preparatory courses for international students
Doctoral Studies
part-time studies

Business engineers work at the interface of technical and business needs. Development, marketing and product life cycles, for example, are much shorter today than only a few years ago. Therefore, business, construction and marketing procedures must be concluded simultaneously more often than before. For this interface requirement, business engineers are equipped with the necessary skills in both fields. Graduates of the Business Engineering – Technical Field of Studies Mechanical Engineering programme may find employment in management positions or in research and development. Their employers include mechanical, automotive and aircraft engineering businesses as well as logistics, consulting and service businesses. They take on, for instance, operative tasks in the fields of production control, quality assurance, process monitoring as well as in controlling and marketing.

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