Our cookbook
30 regional and international recipes

Running out of ideas what to cook in your everyday student life? The #studentsofTUdarmstadt have put together a cookbook for you!

For most of us, life as a college student represents a new and refreshing phase in our lives. However, this stage goes hand in hand with lots of challenges. Sooner or later, every student will figure out (believe us!) that one of these challenges is cooking. Eating scrambled eggs, pasta with pesto or take out kebab every day is not quite fulfilling. We, the #studentsofTUdarmstadt provide remedy with our cookbook – from students for students from all over the world. The name says it all! This cookbook holds a total of 30 regional and international recipes waiting for you to try them out. Hessian, Ghanaian or Luxembourgian recipes, from snacks to “haute-cuisine”, from appetizers to desserts – You will find everything your heart desires in these pages. We hope you have fun cooking and even more fun snacking!

The cookbook of the #studentsofTUdarmstadt

Ingredients for Avocado Toast with Egg

Avocado Toast with Egg from Sharmila

Ingredients for Frankfurt green sauce with egg and potatoes

Frankfurt green sauce with egg and potatoes from Steven

Ingredients for Salmon rolls with vegetables and feta

Salmon rolls with Mediterranean vegetables and feta from Nicole

Sweet Potato sandwich from Caro

Cottage cheese pancakes from Polina

Silesian Cheesecake from Agata

This is how: Hessian Tiramisu

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#studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Agata, Karo 5, University Campus city centre, TU shop // #studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Agata, Karo 5, Universitätscampus Stadtmitte, TU shop
Picture: Stefan Elges


Hi! I'm Agata and I'm studying Applied Linguistics with a focus on German as a foreign language. After studying German in Poland, I decided to do my Master's degree in Germany. The beautiful city, closeness to nature and the good reputation convinced me to choose the TU Darmstadt.

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#studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Caro, Audimax, University Campus Citycentre // #studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassado rCaro, Audimax, Universitätscampus
Picture: Stefan Elges


Hey, I'm Caro and I'm studying industrial engineering with a technical specialization in mechanical engineering in my master's degree. I especially appreciate the interplay of business administration and technical modules in my degree program. Since the study of industrial engineering is offered at the TU with technical specializations, my interests are optimally covered.

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#studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Kathrin, sonniger Tag, Selfie-Spot, Logo der TU Darmstadt, Athene. // #studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Kathrin, sunny day, selfie spot, logo of TU Darmstadt, Athen.
Picture: Juan Aleman


Hey, my name is Kathrin and I‘m studying Business Information Systems in my bachelor‘s degree. I‘m originally from Stuttgart and I chose this study programme because the combination of economic knowledge and an IT background has great future potential but also offers many exciting topics due to the progressing digitalization.

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TU Darmstadt Ambassador Nicole
Picture: Juan Aleman


Hello, I am Nicole! :) I'm studying German Studies and Philosophy as Joint Bachelor of Arts, which is two degree programmes in one. I study here because the TU Darmstadt was the only university at the time where I could study what I wanted. So keep going, there's always something better than death!

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#studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Richard, Karo 5, University Campus city centre // #studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Richard, Karo 5, Universitätscampus Stadtmitte
Picture: Stefan Elges


Hello! My name is Richard and I am studying biology and chemistry to become a teacher at secondary schools. Becoming a teacher is my dream job. By combining my science subjects with sociology, education and psychology, I look at many exciting questions from different perspectives during my studies. I love to support other people in their endeavours.

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#studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Sharmila, University Campus city centre, building of Physics Clock Tower// #studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Sharmila, Universitätscampus Stadtmitte, Physik Hörsaal Uhrturm
Picture: Stefan Elges


Hey, I'm Sharmila, I live in Frankfurt and I'm studying to become a high school teacher at the TU Darmstadt, specializing in subjects german, biology and philosophy. I also discovered my passion as a video creator and have a YouTube channel (“Shamila Priya”) ever since, where I regularly report about my university experiences, shoot university vlogs and also share my university tips with you.

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#studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Steven, Karo 5, University Campus city centre, Exposition // #studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Steven, Karo 5, Universitätscampus Stadtmitte, Ausstellung
Picture: Stefan Elges


Moien! My name is Steven and I am currently pursuing a Master's degree. I study history with a focus on modern history/history of technology. Before that, I already studied History & German Studies in the Joint Bachelor of Arts. My degree programme has a strong interdisciplinary orientation. This gives me the opportunity to gain insights into other disciplines. In this way, I can broaden my experience horizons and get to know new people.

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