Psychologie: Arbeit, Technik, Organisation

Master of Science; tuition language: German


The more research-oriented Master’s degree programme Psychologie: Arbeit, Technik, Organisation enables students to specialise in their fields of interest. The focus of the course is on work, organisational and business psychology. It is scientifically-methodically and interdisciplinary-technically oriented. The programme prepares the students for independent and scientifically sound psychological work in different fields of research and application, where the skills, functionality, and state of a person must be in line with requirements that can be a result of findings of the disciplines of engineering and business administration for the individual.

Students will acquire knowledge about psychological research and work techniques from an augmented understanding of the fundamentals, which will be implemented practically and in a model-oriented manner and will be evaluated comparatively to alternative approaches from psychology and other disciplines.

Please note the information provided by the Institute of Psychology: The current Master's programme in Psychology has an application focus on industrial, engineering, organisational and business psychology. It is not a 'clinical' Master's degree. It will no longer be possible to train as a psychotherapist after completing the programme.

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The study programme was awarded the quality seal of the German Psychological Society.

Semesters 4 semesters
Language German, some lectures/modules may be held in English. A sound knowledge of the English language, which is necessary for understanding psychological original literature, is a prerequisite.
Start of studies Start of studies : winter semester
Admission Applying with international qualifications (language requirements, application deadlines): International Admission .
Requirements for admission to the Master’s degree programme are comprised of a “Bachelor of Science” degree from the same programme or an equivalent degree.
Specific degree entrance requirements may be found here and in the competences description.
Internship internship within the study programme (see Semester Course Schedule)
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Graduates of the M.Sc. Psychologie: Arbeit, Technik, Organisation programme at the TU Darmstadt can work in various professional fields, e.g. in interdisciplinary teams with engineers, managers, health personnel and teachers or as experts in the fields of human factors and human resources in organisational contexts. Training as a psychotherapist will no longer be possible after the degree programme.

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