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Psychologie, B.Sc.


In psychology, scientific-experimental methods are used to investigate cause-effect relationships in human experience and behaviour that cannot be recognised without scientific means.

The Institute of Psychology at TU Darmstadt conducts basic research in perception and cognition, human development, social psychology and physiological psychology. The main areas of application are occupational and engineering psychology, organisational and business psychology as well as media and educational psychology.

The B.Sc. Psychology programme at the TU Darmstadt does not meet the legal requirements for psychotherapist training. This means that the B.Sc. Psychology at the TU Darmstadt does not allow students to train as psychotherapists.

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Degree Bachelor of Science
Duration 6 semesters
Language German. Individual courses can be offered in English. Please be aware that scientific literature is be read and edited also in English.
Costs and budget Costs and budget
Admission Applying with international qualifications (language requirements, application deadlines): International Admission.
Internship internships within the study programme (see semester course schedule)
Part-time Degree No
Special Features
  • Minimum number of credits until the end of the second semester: 20 CP
Preparatory steps:

Master's Programmes

General Information: With the Bachelor of Science, the students will acquire a first professional qualification. However, the Master of Science is considered the standard qualification at Technical University of Darmstadt. For these reasons it is recommended that students complete a Master’s degree.

Please note that admission to the Master’s Degree programme may also depend on additional requirements. This particularly applies to non-consecutive courses of study (meaning with a Bachelor’s degree in a different area of focus or field of study than the desired Master’s degree programme) and to applicants of other universities. If you have any questions, please contact the respective departmental advisor’s office.

Psychology: Human Resources, Technology, Organisation, M.Sc.

Entry into the profession directly after the B.Sc. Psychology degree is the exception. The standard degree for this is the Master's degree. This is mainly due to the lack of career opportunities for B.Sc. Psychology graduates in the clinical sector. Possible career fields exist in human resources (assessment centres), marketing and market research and Management consultancy (organisational development, conception of training and continuing education courses).

Graduates of the M.Sc. Psychology programme at the TU Darmstadt can work in different professional fields, e.g. in interdisciplinary teams with engineers, managers, health personnel and teachers, or as experts in the fields of Human Factors and Human Resources in organisational contexts. With the M.Sc. Psychology of TU Darmstadt, entering the training as a psychotherapist is no longer possible.

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