Gude! (Hello!)
Living in Darmstadt and the surrounding area

There are many neighbourhoods to discover in our beautiful city of Darmstadt, where you'll often hear a friendly "Gude!" as a way of greeting. Especially for students who are planning to move to Darmstadt or for those who have only recently moved to Darmstadt, the new city can still seem confusing at first glance. We, the #studentsofTUdarmstadt, will therefore tell you where we live so that you can get a first overview.

Published: 10th November, 2022

A special neighbourhood: Heimstättensiedlung

M.A. History with a focus on modern history/history of technology

In my neighbourhood "Heimstättensiedlung" you'll get the best "Dürüm" in Darmstadt.

Picture: Juan Aleman
Steven in front of a graffiti promoting the local soccer club SV Darmstadt 98.

Steven lives in Heimstättensiedlung, a neighbourhood in Darmstadt's south-west:

The neighbourhood looks back on an interesting history. The “Siedlung” was founded in 1932 to give unemployed people the opportunity to build their own houses in self-help. Each settler was given about 1000 square meters of land at a low ground rent. After all the houses were completed, they were raffled off among the future families. In the past, many displaced persons from Bukovina and Hungarian Germans also lived in the Heimstättensiedlung.

The “Siedlung” is an extremely quiet and somewhat secluded neighbourhood, which is nevertheless well connected to the city center by public transport. I especially like the forest area around the “Siedlung”. Whether hiking or jogging, here you can still retreat into nature. In addition, the neighbourhood is well supplied with supermarkets, restaurants, bakers, butchers, banks and a pharmacy. A little insider tip: Heimstättensiedlung has the best Dürüm in all of Darmstadt.

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City Centre

Kathrin is probably the one of the #studentsofTUdarmstadt who lives closest to the city centre:

B.Sc. Business Information Systems

I live in the heart of Darmstadt, in the city centre.

#studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Kathrin, sonniger Tag, Selfie-Spot, Logo der TU Darmstadt, Athene. // #studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Kathrin, sunny day, selfie spot, logo of TU Darmstadt, Athen.
Picture: Juan Aleman
Kathrin in front of the “Schloss” in Darmstadt's city cenre

After a few minutes of walking you arrive at the Luisenplatz from where you can basically get to every part of the city by train or bus, but it‘s also known for its numerous possibilities for shopping.

From there you can easily get to the Schloss (the castle in Darmstadt) or the Herrngarten, where you can relax a little. The Hochschulviertel also isn‘t far away, but of course you cannot only study here, even though the name „university district“ indicates that. My personal favourite is the café Wellnitz at the Kantplatz next to the University – a cup of coffee or tea and something nice to eat is the perfect way to finish an exhausting uni-day.

Living in a residence hall for students

Richard lives in a student dormitory, which is located in the middle of two neighbourhoods:

Biology and Chemistry Teaching at Secondary Schools

I live at Karlshof, a student dorm between the Komponistenviertel and Fasanerie.

Portrait TU Darmstadt Ambassador Richard
Picture: Britta Hüning
Richard in front of his hall of residence “Karlshof”

We live here in between the action and the relaxation. On one hand is campus Stadtmitte just 5 minutes away by bike and bus, on the other hand, are the soothing woods of Fasanerie, an old hunting ground right next to it. Right around the corner is also the Bürgerpark. It gives a wide variety of different sports activities. The more classic ones like basketball and football, but also different ones e.g. weight training, javelin throwing and there is also a biker park. Also, the Nordbad is here.

Caro and Katy also live in the hostel, but in a different neighbourhood:

M.Sc. Industrial and Mechanical Engineering

After commuting from Groß-Umstadt to Darmstadt every day during my bachelor's studies, I moved to Darmstadt to a student dormitory in Nieder-Ramstädter Straße at the beginning of my master's studies.

#studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Carolina, sonniger Tag, Selfie-Spot, Logo der TU Darmstadt, Athene. // #studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Carolina, sunny day, selfie spot, logo of TU Darmstadt, Athen.
Picture: Juan Aleman
Caro posing in front of her residence hall

Located in the immediate neighbourhood of the tram station Jahnstraße, the dormitory is still part of the Steinberg neighborhood, which lies east of Bessungen and south of the Paulusviertel. Several dormitories, including the “Lux” dormitory and the dormitory in the old police headquarters, are located close to each other in Nieder-Ramstädter Straße. This offers a great and collegiate atmosphere, which can be nice and quiet, but also brings a lot of contact opportunities. By bike, you have great connections – you can get to the Lichtwiese campus within 5 minutes and I also made it to the city center from the doorstep to the lecture hall in 10 minutes. If you like it a bit more comfortable, the tram is the best way to get there. Unfortunately, the nearest supermarket is a bit far away, but there is a small kiosk at the tram stop in Jahnstraße, which is very convenient, especially for a quick breakfast on the way to the lecture.

Katy (Catalina) lives in the same hall of residence as Caro. For her, as an international student, the internationality is a big plus:

B.Sc. Biomolecular Engineering

When I received approval for admission to the university , I started looking for a dormitory.

Portrait TU Darmstadt Ambassador Catalina
Picture: Britta Hüning

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Masha also lives on Nieder-Ramstädter-Straße, which connects many neighbourhoods:

M.A. Data and Discourse Studies

I live at the Nieder-Ramstädter Straße, one of the longest streets in Darmstadt.

Portrait TU Darmstadt Ambassador Masha
Picture: Britta Hüning
Masha at Rossdörfer Platz

It starts at the city centre, passes the Lichtwiese campus, Ludwigshöhe and ends at Nieder-Ramstadt which is half the way to the Odenwald.

To make the geography a bit more clear, I live around Roßdörfer Platz.

I must say, I am quite happy with my place, maybe it is not as picturesque as I would like it to be, but a lot of eye-pleasing places are just 5-10 minutes away, including Paulus- and Martinsviertel, Woog and Mathildenhöhe. Frankly speaking, the location is really good. 5 minutes to the city centre and 10 to 15 minutes walk (depending on how energetic you are) to Staadmitte campus, where all my classes and student jobs are located, and just a couple of minutes longer till the Unisportzentrum (also an important destination for students).

Grocery shops, bakeries, post office, ice cream shops, laundromat, and drogerie are all just 2 to 5 minutes away, which spares a lot of effort and time.

The are a lot of green sights as well where one can go jogging or just for a long walk. Rosenhöhe and Darmbach are like 20 minutes away, and there one can easily forget that this is still within the city limits.

I can only recommend my location!

Problems finding a place to live?

If you need help finding a place to live, the Studierendenwerk is the place to go. Contact them as soon as possible if you are looking for a room in a hall of residence. Unfortunately, there are often waiting lists. International students can also contact International Student Services (ISS) to help them find accommodation.

In a previous post on our blog, some of us have already reported on their search for accommodation . You can also find reports about the popular Martinsviertel here – click in when you get the chance! There is also a super interesting podcast on this topic. (Please note: The podcast is in German.) Here, the FuTUre Students tell you about finding a flat as well as about life in Darmstadt.

Darmstadt-North: Living in Kranichstein

M.Sc. Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering

I am lucky to be able to live in one of the nicest quarters in Darmstadt, which is “Darmstadt-Kranichstein”.

Portrait TU Darmstadt Ambassador Arya
Picture: Juan Aleman

Arya lives in the northern end of Darmstadt:

In less than some minutes, I can go shopping to different supermarkets, I have access to a drugstore, Döner shops and lots of other shops. Moreover, there is one of the beautiful parks of Darmstadt, which many people go for a walk, riding a bike or having a picnic during their free time. This park also known as “Bürgerpark” offers lots of wide and free space for playing some sport activities and to enjoy a pleasant evening with friends. Finally, the public transportation in this area is very convenient and there are a variety of options such as Trams, Buses, and a train station.

Living in the Paulusviertel

M.Sc. Environmental Engineering

East of the beautiful Bessungen and south of the lively inner city lies the Paulusviertel.

Portrait TU Darmstadt Ambassador Juan
Picture: Britta Hüning
Juan in front of the Viktoriaschule, a school built in 1828, in Paulusviertel

Here I live, on the very edge of the quarter, on Hoffmannstrasse. What can I tell you… The location of the quarter is perfect for a student of TU Darmstadt. It is right between the Stadtmitte Campus and the Lichtwiese. I need only 5 minutes by bike to go to the university. I can easily reach all the restaurants, bars and cafes in the city center and Bessungen. The neighborhood is very quiet and is characterized by a lot of green. You can go for great walks, because there are many nice quiet streets. Especially you can go to Paulusplatz, which is beautiful both in winter and summer. There you can read or take a break from your studies. But my absolute favorite thing where I live is my shared flat. The common life with us it works out quite well and we always support each other. We are also absolute fans of the supermarket, which is open until 24:00. The supermarket is only 3 min walk away and this possibility to go shopping late has saved us several times the hunger or also given very nice dinners.

Living relaxed in Arheilgen

M.A. Applied Linguistics

I live in a cosy flat in Darmstadt - Arheilgen.

#studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Agata, sonniger Tag, Selfie-Spot, Logo der TU Darmstadt, Athene, geblümte Bluse. // #studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Agata, sunny day, selfie spot, logo of TU Darmstadt, Athen, floral blouse.
Picture: Juan Aleman
From Arheilgen to the city centre of Darmstadt in 15 minutes.

Agata appreciates a calm neighbourhood:

It is a quiet area with lots of walking and shopping opportunities, relatively little traffic noise and yet it is not far from the centre. You can reach Luisenplatz in about 15 minutes and Lichtwiese in 30. It's even faster by bike. There are also two train stations nearby. The possible disadvantages are that there are only a few (but very nice) cafés and that there are often changes in the transport timetable. But if you don't want to live in the centre, Arheilgen is a good choice. 

Commuting from and to Frankfurt

While the majority of us live in Darmstadt, there are also some who live further away. Sharmila commutes from Frankfurt to Darmstadt to study:

German, Biology and Philosophy, Teaching at Secondary Schools

Frankfurt is my home town, which I love and would never leave. I spend my time on the train listening to of music, watching a series or studying.

#studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Sharmila, sonniger Tag, Selfie-Spot, Logo der TU Darmstadt, Athene. // #studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Sharmila, sunny day, selfie spot, logo of TU Darmstadt, Athen.
Picture: Juan Aleman

I have to admit, commuting isn't for everyone, but I can handle it. I used to always take the regional train, but currently I prefer to take the S-bahn. Most of the time I'm on the train for about 3 hours per day at university, which is quite a lot, but I pass the time listening to music, watching series or studying when an exam is coming up. Frankfurt is the city I grew up in and identify with, so I can't imagine ever leaving this city. Everyone I love is here and that's why I commute. The student city of Darmstadt is great and I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live independently in a hall of residence with my fellow students. But my parents help me through everyday life in addition to everyday university life, e.g. shopping or cooking. And I also help them and I like living with them, so it's better for me that way. I didn't want to leave my hometown or my university in the other city and I didn't have to. Sometimes you don't have to decide, you find a compromise and that's mine.

As you can see, there are many interesting places and beautiful neighbourhoods in and around Darmstadt that are just waiting to be discovered by you. We hope that we have whetted your appetite for Darmstadt and keep our fingers crossed that your flat search will work out!



#studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Agata, Karo 5, University Campus city centre, TU shop // #studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Agata, Karo 5, Universitätscampus Stadtmitte, TU shop
Picture: Stefan Elges


Hi! I'm Agata and I'm studying Applied Linguistics with a focus on German as a foreign language. After studying German in Poland, I decided to do my Master's degree in Germany. The beautiful city, closeness to nature and the good reputation convinced me to choose the TU Darmstadt.

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#studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Arya, Audimax, University Campus Citycentre // #studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Arya, Audimax, Universitätscampus Stadtmitte
Picture: Stefan Elges


Hey there! I’m Arya and I’m a master’s student in Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering at TU Darmstadt. I’ve always been passionate about innovation, teamwork, Start-up work environments and how to keep nature safe and sustainable. These elements form the main topics for our master’s program and they match my ambitions and goals for the future. This ultimately encouraged me to apply for the programme at TU Darmstadt, whose home is also known as the “city of science”.

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Portrait TU Darmstadt Ambassador Catalina
Picture: Britta Hüning


Hello, I’m Catalina! The Technical University Darmstadt is one of the best technical universities in Germany and is part of the TU9 university network. My degree programme offers a wide range of subjects from different fields. In addition, the university is located in a science city and there are many research opportunities. That's why I chose this university.

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#studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Caro, Audimax, University Campus Citycentre // #studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassado rCaro, Audimax, Universitätscampus
Picture: Stefan Elges


Hey, I'm Caro and I'm studying industrial engineering with a technical specialization in mechanical engineering in my master's degree. I especially appreciate the interplay of business administration and technical modules in my degree program. Since the study of industrial engineering is offered at the TU with technical specializations, my interests are optimally covered.

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Portrait TU Darmstadt Ambassador Juan
Picture: Britta Hüning


Hello, my name is Juan. I come from Quito, Ecuador and at the moment I am doing my master's degree in environmental engineering. Coming to Darmstadt was one of the best decisions I could have made not only because of the study program, but for being able to get amazing work and cultural experiences.

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#studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Kathrin, sonniger Tag, Selfie-Spot, Logo der TU Darmstadt, Athene. // #studentsofTUdarmstadt, Ambassador Kathrin, sunny day, selfie spot, logo of TU Darmstadt, Athen.
Picture: Juan Aleman


Hey, my name is Kathrin and I‘m studying Business Information Systems in my bachelor‘s degree. I‘m originally from Stuttgart and I chose this study programme because the combination of economic knowledge and an IT background has great future potential but also offers many exciting topics due to the progressing digitalization.

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Portrait TU Darmstadt Ambassador Masha
Picture: Britta Hüning


Hey! My name is Masha and I’m doing my master’s in Data and Discourse Studies. It always takes long to explain what exactly I am studying. My program is a kaleidoscope of disciplines and methods, which are weirdly and fruitfully intertwined together. For me it is a fusion of hobby and profession: languages, history, programming, philosophy! I love it how we mix approaches trying to gain this voluminous image of our world.

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#studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Richard, Karo 5, University Campus city centre // #studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Richard, Karo 5, Universitätscampus Stadtmitte
Picture: Stefan Elges


Hello! My name is Richard and I am studying biology and chemistry to become a teacher at secondary schools. Becoming a teacher is my dream job. By combining my science subjects with sociology, education and psychology, I look at many exciting questions from different perspectives during my studies. I love to support other people in their endeavours.

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#studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Sharmila, University Campus city centre, building of Physics Clock Tower// #studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Sharmila, Universitätscampus Stadtmitte, Physik Hörsaal Uhrturm
Picture: Stefan Elges


Hey, I'm Sharmila, I live in Frankfurt and I'm studying to become a high school teacher at the TU Darmstadt, specializing in subjects german, biology and philosophy. I also discovered my passion as a video creator and have a YouTube channel (“Shamila Priya”) ever since, where I regularly report about my university experiences, shoot university vlogs and also share my university tips with you.

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#studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Steven, Karo 5, University Campus city centre, Exposition // #studentsofTudarmstadt, Ambassador Steven, Karo 5, Universitätscampus Stadtmitte, Ausstellung
Picture: Stefan Elges


Moien! My name is Steven and I am currently pursuing a Master's degree. I study history with a focus on modern history/history of technology. Before that, I already studied History & German Studies in the Joint Bachelor of Arts. My degree programme has a strong interdisciplinary orientation. This gives me the opportunity to gain insights into other disciplines. In this way, I can broaden my experience horizons and get to know new people.

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