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Mechatronik, B.Sc.


Mechatronics is an interdisciplinary branch of engineering at the interface of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Information Technology. It addresses the development and production of integrated mechanical-electronic systems that automatically collect information and signals, use them to obtain new data, and transform it into forces and movements.

Today, mechatronic systems are omnipresent – in the form of active chassis and security systems such as ABS, TCS, and ESP, in industrial robots, in DVD players for domestic use, or in the form of controls for large commercial aircrafts.

The Bachelor of Science programme Mechatronics at Technical University of Darmstadt enables students to plan and realise complex, innovative mechatronic components and systems.

General note: With the Bachelor of Science degree, students acquire a first degree qualifying them for a profession. However, at the Technical University of Darmstadt the Master of Science is the standard degree. Therefore it is recommended that students complete a Master's programme.

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Degree Bachelor of Science
Duration, programme start 6 semesters, start in winter semester only
Semester Fee Semester Fee
Language German, individual courses also in English
Admission Applying with international qualifications (language requirements, application deadlines): International Admission.
Internship internships within the study programme (see degree course scheme)
Part-time Degree possible under specific conditions

Mechatronics is considered a promising discipline with high growth potential. Thus, the job opportunities for graduates of this programme are very good – not least because they are presented with a large number of fields of occupation. Mechatronics engineers are employed, for example, in the different sectors of machinery and plant engineering, the automotive and aviation industry, or the electrical industry. There, they work in development, design, assembly, production, system design, quality assurance as well as management. They are particularly qualified to hold executive positions due to their interdisciplinary knowledge and their ability to think systemically.

It is important to start early in the degree programme to gain practical work experience in relevant organisations. In this way, students can promote themselves as competent professionals in practice and make important professional contacts. The likelihood of finding a good position is definitely heightened if the student is flexible when it comes to commuting or even moving abroad. Good English language skills are particularly important when it comes to the international job market.

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