Electrical Engineering and Information Technology – Vocational-Technical Education

Bachelor of Education

Elektrotechnik und Informationstechnik, B.Ed.


Bachelor of Education + Master of Education -> Teaching at Vocational Schools

The programme Teaching at Vocational Schools at the TU Darmstadt consists of two connected study programmes:

  • first, the Bachelor of Education programme (6 semesters; vocational field of study) and
  • subsequently, the Master of Education programme (4 semesters; subject of general education/subject studies).
  • The two subjects are supplemented by the educational and social sciences with the practical school studies 1 and the didactics of the subjects.

Only the completion of both the Bachelor of Education and the Master of Education is equivalent to the first state examination in the state of Hesse and therefore mandatory for the admission to the preparatory period (teaching practice) or the teaching profession.

Degree Bachelor of Education
Duration 6 semesters
Language: German
Internship 1. before the start of the degree programme (requirement for enrolment!):
Related vocational internship of a 52-week-minimum duration or related vocational training in accordance with the internship regulations. The vocational internship is to be fully completed and recognised by the competent departments before the start of the programme;
2. during the Bachelor’s programme: Practical Studies in Schools 1
Admission 1. General university entrance degree, entrance qualification for universities of applied sciences, similar foreign diplomas, admission as a vocationally qualified student to the universities in the state of Hesse; further information;
2. A related vocational 52-week internship; see previous point “internship”;
3. when choosing Sports Science as a general education subject or as Master of Education: passing the sports aptitude test is an admission requirement for the Sports Science modules (proof thereof before the end of the 4th semester); further information.
4. For some of the consecutive Master of Education programmes following the Bachelor of Education, there are further requirements for enrolment, e.g. foreign language skills. Therefore, please learn more about these courses of study early on.
Procedure unrestricted
Part-time Studies possible under specific conditions
Programme Start winter semester
Application Deadline International applicants find their application deadline here.
Application Online application
Special Features Online Self-Assessment

Teachers at vocational schools give lessons in subjects of general education as well as in theoretical and practical vocational subjects. In order to achieve this goal, extensive subject-related knowledge as well as pedagogic-didactical, psychological, communicative, and social skills on the part of the teachers must be acquired.

Use these tools for a smart start into the programme:

Online Self-Assessment

Mathematics pre-course

Online-Mathematics pre-course (alternately/additionally)

There are job opportunities for graduates of the Bachelor of Education – Vocational Field of Study Body Care in corporate vocational training institutions, in the field of vocational training studies or in the open labor market.

However, entering the preparatory period (teaching practice) for teaching at vocational schools, vocational grammar schools, technical colleges, specialised upper secondary schools, specialised vocational schools as well as in classes of the basic vocational training year and the vocational preparatory year is only possible after having completed the graduate degree programme Master of Education..

Predictions about the future demand for teachers or their employment opportunities are difficult to make as both depend on a number of different factors. This includes, for example, demographic development, the selected combination of subjects or the type of school, the political framework, etc.

Degree Programme Guidelines/Study Regulations

Additional semester course schedule, Physics, 2017

General Examination Terms of Technische Universität Darmstadt

Previous degree programme guidelines can be found in the Satzungsbeilagen of TU Darmstadt or on the Webpages of your Studienbüro.