Authentication of TU certificates

The student service of TU Darmstadt certifies documents issued by the TU Darmstadt itself, not documents from other institutions or foreign certificates. A maximum of 10 pages can be combined in one certification. These are subject to a fee – EUR 3.00 per certificate!

From April 1st, 2022, payment transactions in the student service will be exclusively cashless. The processing of certifications takes place via e-mail and with bank transfers. For the exact process for your certification, please read below “What do you need to authenticate TU certificates?”.

What do you need to authenticate TU Darmstadt certificates?

1. Please scan the original documents that are to be certified and send them to the following e-mail address:

Please note that the proof of performance/transcript of records must be stamped and signed by your study office before we can authenticate it.

2. Please tell us in your e-mail how many certifications you need.

3. The certification is subject to a fee, according to the applicable administrative cost regulations, € 3.00 per document must be paid for the certification.

4. We will promptly reply to you about the amount you need to transfer and give you our account details.

5. Once you have transferred the fees, please contact us again via e-mail and send us the proof of transfer.

6. Payment transactions in student services will be cashless from April 1st, 2022. This means that even if you ask for the certification from us on site (at counter 2 in karo 5), you cannot pay on site but have to transfer the amount.

Processing via e-mail does not delay the process in any way.

Please note that the issuing of certifications/pre-certifications for the apostille can take some time and is usually not issued immediately. This can take about a week.

Documents that were not issued by TU Darmstadt are certified by public bodies that have a seal, such as city and municipal administrations and notaries.Of course, you can also have the documents issued by TU Darmstadt certified there. Documents can be authenticated abroad at German diplomatic missions (embassies).

Certificates issued by administrative bodies in other countries are frequently only recognised if their authenticity has been verified through a procedure known as legalisation.
For this purpose, a series of internationally recognised, standard rules of procedure have been developed. This can be found on the German Federal Foreign Office's website or obtained from the place abroad where you will be submitting the certificate. Please find out in advance which type of authentication is required in the country for which you require the documentation.

If authentication (legalisation, Apostille) is needed to use a certificate abroad, the regional authority (Regierungspräsidium) in Darmstadt is responsible for this. Beforehand, the genuineness of the certificate and the signature it bears must be verified by the university (pre-authentication). The Student Service in karo5 performs this task free of charge. Please make an appointment in advance.