Health insurance

As part of registration, all students must submit proof that they have health insurance. This requirement is set out in the German Social Code (SGB) and regulations on student health insurance, etc. Statutory health insurance providers issue standard forms nationwide specifically for submitting to higher education institutions.

If you are insured by a statutory health insurance provider or jointly with your parents, please contact that provider.

If you have private insurance or private insurance jointly with your parents, you are able to retain this. In this case, for registration purposes you require confirmation from a statutory health insurance provider that you are not subject to or are exempted from compulsory insurance (exemption certificate). All statutory health insurance providers are able to issue this confirmation.

If you have any further questions, please contact a statutory health insurance provider for advice. Because this matter relates to social security rather than higher education, TU Darmstadt cannot provide any advice.

For information and a sample certificate of insurance, please refer to the . information sheet about health insurance. (in German)

Additional information for foreign students can be found here.

Leisure-time and accident insurance

When you register, you will be covered by statutory accident insurance. There is also leisure-time accident insurance. For more information, please visit the web pages relating to Student Affairs.

Insurance for work placements

Please visit the page about practical work placements for more information. Statutory health insurance providers and Deutsche Rentenversicherung are able to provide further assistance.


Information concerning pensions / certificate of study periods can be found here.