Changing degree programme or subject

Only relevant for students who are already enrolled at TU Darmstadt!

If you would like to study another degree programme or subject or wish to change your qualification, you must submit an application for this within the relevant periods (December to 15 January or June to 15 July) for the following semester. Students with international university entrance eligibility should contact the International Admission team .

Study and examination credits obtained in your previous subject can be transferred to the new degree programme where equivalent. This enables you to start in a higher subject-related semester as appropriate. Please note that unsuccessful attempts and failed examinations may also be recognised provided that these are equivalent. The department accepting you is responsible for this. Please contact the relevant Office for Student Affairs with the form that is generated during the online application process.

The following changes also involve a change of degree programme/subject:

  • Changing the combination of subjects on the degree programme to teach at academic high schools
  • Changing the combination of subjects on a Joint Bachelor of Arts degree programme
  • Information about applying for a Master's degree programme is provided as part of the general information about studying for a Master's .

Please ensure that semester fees are paid on time within the re-registration period because a change of degree programme can only be administered upon re-registering. Please check that the new details are correct on receiving your student identity card/enrolment certificates.

Should the change be carried out after the re-registration, the updated certificate of study will be available online within one week.

Any particular requirements in place for your chosen degree programme will be detailed in the information about courses offered .