Change of name, address, elective subject, gender, nationality and other details

Please inform TU Darmstadt in a timely manner if your personal details have changed.

Finally no more paper!

Since January 1st, 2023 you can submit your forms directly via your TUCaN account in the section service > forms. You can track the status of your forms and no longer have to wait for a postal response.

  • Change of address
    You can update your address in TUCaN yourself in the Service > Personal Data section. Instructions on how to do this are provided here.

  • Change of name
    Please submit the form “change of name in your existing data” via your TUCaN-account in the service > forms section. Please note that a verification of your name must be provided (e.g. a scan of ID).

  • Change of first name and gender (gender diversity)
    Students who are in the process of transitioning or who don’t identify with the binary gender system can change their personal data in their TUCaN account accordingly. Therefore, please submit the form “Application for change of your first name and/or gender in your existing data (pre-official)". There is no form of verification needed but we encourage you to read the form as well as the confirmation e-mail thoroughly and carefully. More information on gender diversity at the TU Darmstadt is provided here.

  • Change of citizenship in your existing data
    Please submit the form „change of citzienship in your existing data“ via your TUCaN-account in the service > forms section. Please note that a verification of the desired change must be provided (e.g. a scan of your ID).

  • Change of elective department for university elections
    University elections take place once a year in the summer semester. If you changed your degree program or are enrolled in a double or combined degree, you can decide in which department you would like to exercise your right to vote. For this, please submit the form „change of elective department for university elections“.The form may be found in TUCaN under service > forms.
    You can find out which elective department your degree programme is assigned to in this list (opens in new tab).

  • Changing the spelling of the name on final documents and certificates with special characters
    if your name(s) contains non-Latin letters and you want your final certificates to include the correct spelling of your name, please fill out the corresponding application in TUCaN under Service > Applications and upload a proof.

For any further requests of change, please contact us via .