Finding your way at TU Darmstadt

Although most students will not be on site in person, use this opportunity to get to know the campus virtually!

Campus Stadtmitte

Here you will find the departments: FB 01 Law and Economics, FB 02 History and Social Sciences, FB 03 Human Sciences, FB 04 Mathematics, FB 05 Physics, FB 18 Electrical Engineering and Information Technology and FB 20 Computer Science.

Campus Lichtwiese

Here you will find the departments: FB 07 Chemistry, FB 11 Materials Science, FB 13 Civil and Environmental Engineering, FB 15 Architecture and FB 16 Mechanical Engineering.

Site plans (opens in new tab)
An overview of locations and buildings

Student canteens, bistros and cafeterias (opens in new tab)
Site plans and opening hours

University IT-Service and Computing Centre (HRZ) (opens in new tab)
Everything about IT services at TU Darmstadt

University and State Library (ULB) (opens in new tab)
Support on how to do literary research, how to find, obtain, manage and quote your literary sources and how to use Word and LaTeX.

Language Resource Centre (SPZ) (opens in new tab) / Writing Skills Centre (SchreibCenter) (opens in new tab)
Assistance in writing scientific and other texts

Centre for Educational Development and Technology (HDA) (opens in new tab)
In-house training and guidance for students in key competencies and helpful links for digital learning

Student Affairs (Studierendenwerk) (opens in new tab)
Counselling, social affairs, housing

Get to know people and get involved.

Student body (opens in new tab)
From A for AStA to P for Political Groups

University / Student groups (opens in new tab)
Get to know people and do things together in your leisure time

HIGHEST – support for student start-ups
From an idea to an own start-up

Office for Sustainability (opens in new tab)
Central contact point for sustainability

State Theatre Darmstadt (opens in new tab)
Great theatre plays, concerts, operas etc. at a reasonable price

University Sports Centre (opens in new tab) (USZ), Unifit
Offering sports activities at TU Darmstadt

ComeTOgether (opens in new tab)
Students assist other students to find a job or a room / shared apartment

For international students

Tutor international (opens in new tab)
Support for international students

International Tutor Team ITT (opens in new tab)
Joint leisure activities, assistance in settling down in Darmstadt: The Intercultural Tutor*innen Team

Sprachencafé (opens in new tab)
The Language Café: Language and culture exchange across nationalities

There are numerous contact points at TU Darmstadt.

Student Service (opens in new tab)
For organisational matters

Central Academic Counselling Office (ZSB) (opens in new tab)
Advice regarding your studies or general problems

Departmental Office for Student Affairs (opens in new tab)
For questions regarding the content of your studies

Student Affairs Darmstadt (opens in new tab)
Social counselling, health and legal advice

Writing Center (Schreibcenter) (opens in new tab)
Central advice center for all areas of academic writing

Studying with a disability (opens in new tab)
Active support in all matters

Studying with a child (opens in new tab)
Information on how to organise your studies and where to get advice/counselling

Part-time studies (opens in new tab)
Tips for successful part-time studies

Equal Opportunities Office (opens in new tab)
Projects and offers in the area of equal opportunities

Complaint and Improvement Management (opens in new tab)
Dissatisfied? Please feel free to contact us!

Worker's Child (opens in new tab)
for first generation students

Big Sister (opens in new tab)
For international students and students with migration background

Students’ Council

AStA General Student Committee (opens in new tab)
Representation of the student body elected by the student parliament

Departmental Students’ Representative Committees (opens in new tab)
Representation of interests of students at a department

International students

International Student Services (ISS) (opens in new tab)
For all issues and concerns international students may have

MasterPlus Office for international Master’s students (opens in new tab)
Early introduction and structured guidance into the study program

Central Coordination Office for Refugee Integration (opens in new tab)
Assisting students with a refugee background

Student Affairs Darmstadt, financing (opens in new tab)
Studying with social support

Scholarships (opens in new tab)
Overview of scholarship opportunities

The Deutschlandstipendium (opens in new tab)
Scholarship for particularly talented and committed students

Scholarships for international students (opens in new tab)
Supporting international students through TU Darmstadt scholarship programmes and information on how to get a scholarship

Förderverein für in Not geratene Studierende e.V. (opens in new tab)
This association helps students financially in cases of emergency and special cases of hardship

Stellenwerk Darmstadt (opens in new tab)
Job offers for students and graduates

Studierendenwerk Darmstadt (student affairs), accommodation service (opens in new tab)
Check for vacancies in dormitories!

International Student Services (ISS) (opens in new tab)
Assistance for international students looking for accommodations

Corona information (opens in new tab)
All up-to-date information on how to deal with corona at TU Darmstadt

University IT-Service and Computing Centre (HRZ) (opens in new tab)
Everything about IT services: from Athene Karte to TU-ID

Central surveys: Your feedback is important!
Your feedback helps to draw attention to strengths and weaknesses of study programs. That is why we carry out central surveys.