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Applying for degree programmes with admission restrictions (NC) at the TU Darmstadt

From A for architecture to T for theology– the range of degree programmes at TU Darmstadt is huge! And since a lot of the programs are so popular, some of them have restricted admission. You can find out here whether your dream programme is included on this list and how to apply for a spot in a degree programme with admission restrictions.

Published: 23rd December 2021, last edit: July 20th, 2023

Equal opportunities for all – the transparent selection process for degree programmes with admission restrictions at the TU Darmstadt

Numerus Clausus (NC) – you've probably heard of this. The term comes from the Latin and means ‘limited number’. So, this means that there are only a limited number of spots in degree programmes with a NC. If there are more applications than spots in the programme, a selection process will take place. The selection process follows guidelines set by the state of Hessen. In Hesse, the grade point average of a prospective student and how much time he or she has already spent studying at a university are used as the main criteria. A set number of spots are reserved for international applicants who don’t have a German Abitur and for applicants who were doing a civil service and were unable to use their earlier admission. The regulations also make sure that the whole process is transparent and fair! You can find out more about it here.

So, before you apply, you should check to see whether there is an admission restriction for your dream degree programme.

What are my chances? A quick check for degree programs with NC!

Want to know what your chances are of getting into your dream degree programme at the TU Darmstadt? Then you should take a look at the numerus clausus (NC) from the last winter semester. For each programme with NC, you’ll find out:

• how many applicants were admitted

• how many applications were received

• what the minimum grade point average for admission was (NC-score)

• what the waiting time was and what grade point average was needed.

The good news is: programmes with NC are sometimes still able to accept all of their applicants. So, applying is always worth it!

Different application specifications for joint-bachelor’s programmes with NC

Are you interested in a “Joint Bachelor of Arts” programme or do you want to become a teacher at a German high school? Then pay close attention because this next part is very important! For these programmes, you must meet the admission requirements for both majors (unless one of the majors does not have an NC).

If you want to take a teaching programme with a focus on mathematics or sports, you have to take an extra assessment test. This also applies to the bachelor’s programme for sports science.

How it works – Your application for a degree programme with NC

The most important thing for your application is the application deadlines. For the winter semester, these usually start on 1 June and end on 15 July for degree programmes with admission restrictions. Be sure to check the exact application deadlines for your desired degree programme on thethe TU Darmstadt websitefrom June onwards, as things can change from time to time. Make sure you set a time limit and deadline reminder on your phone! Important: The window for applying will be relatively short – so don't dawdle; you need to apply quickly. Only applications that get there before the deadline will be considered. By the way, when you apply, the only thing you’ll need for the application is the exact grade point average from your secondary/high school transcripts (university admission stream). The official certificate or diploma is not needed when you first apply, although you do need to hand it in later.

To start your application process for a degree programme with NC requirements, the first thing to do is to register on the Hochschulstart platform. Then you create another account on TU Darmstadt’s online platform TUCaN. You will then receive access data by email so that you can complete the online application. Please note that it can take up to four hours for the activation email to be sent. Please also check your spam folder. Then you’ll be guided step by step through the application process and enter all the required information onto a questionnaire. One last click on the “submit” button and there you go – all registered!

After the application deadline is up, the applications are ranked according to the process guidelines and the spots in the programme are then allocated. If everything goes well, you’ll be offered a spot at TU Darmstadt. Congratulations! But be careful here! You need to act quickly to accept the offer right away, otherwise the spot will be gone. You can accept the offer via e-mail.

Sometimes programmes don’t fill all their spots or become available again: these spots then go into a lottery. You can apply for the lottery online, no worries! You can even take part in the lottery if you didn’t initially apply to the programme. If you are one of the lucky ones, you’ll get an e-mail notification. So, check your emails regularly! Just like in the regular acceptance process, you have to quickly accept the spot being offered, within about a week. By September or October at the latest, you’ll know whether you belong to #studentsofTUdarmstadt! We'll keep our fingers crossed for you!

The most important information on applying for admission-restricted degree programmes ( = NC degree programmes)

  • In addition to the application at TU Darmstadt via TUCan, an additional application via hochschulstart portal is also necessary.
  • You will first receive the offer of a place on the hochschulstart platform. If you want to get the place, you have to do the following:
    • First accept the offer of a place on hochschulstart
    • Then (after about 24 hours), the notification of admission from TU Darmstadt will be uploaded to the TUCaN portal together with an acceptance offer. You must send this acceptance letter to TU Darmstadt within a couple of days.
    • So the most important thing is to check your email inbox regularly – including the spam folder – and respond promptly!

Studying at TU Darmstadt with an international university entrance qualification

Did you attend an international school in Germany or abroad? Or did you get your university entrance permission at a foreign school abroad or at a preparatory college? Then you can apply online just as easily to study at TU Darmstadt.

With the access data, you can then start your application under the corresponding menu item. You will find information on which documents are required on the website of the International Admissions Office.

…and now, if your documents are complete and received on time, you’re officially a contender!

You can’t wait? Then you can check the processing status of your application online any time. We're keeping our fingers crossed for you and would be happy to welcome you at TU Darmstadt very soon!

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