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The Bachelor's degree programme in Biologie at the TU Darmstadt offers a broad and research-based education in theories und praxis. The first four semesters provide basic knowledge of the entire spectrum of biological disciplines and their respective methods, as well as in the natural science disciplines of mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

Afterwards, there is the possibility of an individual focus by choosing modules from the field of molecular and cellular biology and/or organismic and systemic biology.

General note: With the Bachelor of Science degree, students acquire a first degree qualifying them for a profession. However, at the Technical University of Darmstadt the Master of Science is the standard degree. It is therefore recommended that students complete a Master's programme.

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Biology at TU Darmstadt

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There is a great number of potential fields of activity for biologists. In most cases, they will find employment in biological, pharmaceutical, and medical research and development at universities or in the industrial sector.

Biologists have particularly good prospects in physiology-oriented and molecular-biological disciplines such as microbiology, genetics, molecular biology, cellular biology, animal physiology, and plant physiology.

Apart from universities and research institutes, their employers primarily include businesses in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and food industry.

Furthermore, their employment opportunities extend to the areas of health care, environmental protection, scientific journalism, genetic engineering, forensics, or biological safety. Biologists with a Bachelor of Science degree may also work in public administration or for (trade) associations.

Lastly, their knowledge and skill is also in demand at institutions such as museums and zoological or botanical gardens.

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