Business Information Systems

Bachelor of Science; tuition language: German

Wirtschaftsinformatik, B.Sc.


The Business Information Systems degree programme at the Technical University of Darmstadt is defined by its distinct interdisciplinary nature. It contains parts of both Business Studies (Business Administration and Economics) and Law on the one hand, and Informatics on the other hand to nearly the same extent.

The Bachelor’s degree programme Business Information Systems focuses on a smaller scale on the informatics area of specialisation than the non-business Informatics degree programme. Otherwise, the students of Business Informatics attend the same courses as their fellow students who study Informatics. Additionally, the students are trained in the fields of Business Administration and Economics and acquire fundamental knowledge of law.

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Degree, duration Bachelor of Science, 6 semesters
Language German. Individual courses can be offered in English. Please be aware that scientific literature is be read and edited also in English.
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By the end of the second semester, a minimum of 20 CP must be earned in modules of the degree programme.
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Business Information Systems graduates work at the interface of information-technological and business needs. Development, marketing, and product life cycles, for example, are much shorter today than only a few years ago. Therefore, business and production procedures must be concluded simultaneously more often than before. For this interface requirement, Business Informatics graduates are equipped with the necessary skills in both fields.

Within this framework, the field of activity for Business Information Systems graduates consists of the design and development of information and communications systems. They can find employment in companies of nearly all industries, in public administration, or they become self-employed.

In companies, for example, Business Information Systems graduates examine existing IT systems for their security and effectiveness, and are responsible for their maintenance as well as for the introduction of new software solutions. They also apply their skills and knowledge to, for example, the technical reproduction of administrative tasks and production controls, and the development of databases and web-based information systems.

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