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If you’ve decided to study at a German university, congratulations: Universities are state funded. A real rarity in the world today. But of course, you’ll still need money during your time at university in order to afford your student life. Do you want to know what TU Darmstadt offers for financing your dream degree? Then this article is for you!

Published: 8th September 2020

Cognitive Science B.Sc.

As a member of Tutor International, I often meet international students. Our group offers help and advice in a relaxed atmosphere about all of the important issues that students from abroad have to deal with. And of course the issues are often about financing their degree. So here’s my advice: Take advantage of the tons of counselling out there and get some support for your search for scholarships and grants!

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ISS: For a successful start at TU Darmstadt

Have you been accepted at TU Darmstadt and you can’t wait to get started? Great, we can’t wait to meet you! A great place to start for international students with their questions about studying at TU Darmstadt is the International Student Services (ISS). The ISS supports international students, exchange students and refugee students in all non-academic areas and help to make sure they have a successful start at TU Darmstadt.

The mission of ISS is to promote diversity on campus and to provide the necessary services in order to meet the needs of international students, to support you when you arrive in Germany and to welcome you to TU Darmstadt. Furthermore, a main priority of ISS is to help make your time at TU Darmstadt your own personal success story! ISS also provides information and advice about visa and health insurance, financing your degree, finding a flat and any other questions about life in Darmstadt.

Students in need

Are you in a difficult financial situation and need support?

TU Darmstadt will help you! The Association for Students in Need (Förderverein der in Not geratene Studierende e.V.) provides financial support in emergencies and special hardship cases. The association members work purely on a voluntary basis and with money from private donations, as well as AStA and TU Darmstadt.

More information about how to find help quickly and unbureaucratically can be found via the AStA.

The “Deutschlandstipendium” can lighten the load

TU Darmstadt has developed additional interesting funding opportunities for (inter-)national students to give them the financial freedom to concentrate fully on their studies. With the support of 80 companies, foundations and private individuals, TU Darmstadt was able to award the Deutschlandstipendium (German Scholarship) to almost 400 students this year. The Deutschlandstipendium promotes outstanding achievement at school and university, encourages social engagement, experiences abroad, internships, and provides particular support in social, family and personal circumstances that may make being a university student difficult. In addition to financial support, scholarship holders also have access to a network of potential partners in business and industry. This gives them the opportunity to make contacts for their future dream job while still at university.

Want to find out more about the Deutschlandstipendium and if you’re eligible? Find out by having a look at the information on the scholarship and the application process.

The Students’ Union also supports you

Phew, that was a lot of information about financing your degrees. If you’re still not sure about what help you need and how it all works, the Student Union can help. Especially when it comes to the tricky issue of financing your degree, the team at the Student Union can support you with advice and assistance.

The first thing that probably occurs to you when you think about “How do I finance my degree?” is BAföG, right?! By the way, this kind of awkward abbreviation stands for the Federal Training Assistance Act (“Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz”), which has provided young people with a whole bunch of educational opportunities since 1971. BAföG supports students, depending on their family's financial situation, to complete a university degree that suits their aptitudes and interests. A pretty cool thing, which by the way is not only valid for German citizens. International students can also apply for BAföG under certain conditions. You probably want to know now whether this also applies to you, right?! Then the best thing to do is to make an appointment with the Students’ Union at .

TUtor International: By students for students

The TUtor International Team of the AStA is a wonderful place for international students to meet. It works closely with the Student Union and international student associations (e.g. Cameroon, Latin America, Turkey, Egypt). The team consists of tutors from all over the world (Iran, Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Colombia, China, Germany…) and their advice is tailored specifically to the needs of international students. Tutor International supports international students socially, culturally, and professionally as advisors, companions and friends. The team also offers advice on questions about financing your degree.

Tutor International brings together students from lots of countries around the world with a programme of study groups, training sessions, workshops, and consultation hours, but also a wide range of fun activities (cuisines of different cultures and cultural trips, excursions and parties).

A graduation scholarship supports international students at the end

Alright, so you’re already one step farther and you’re slowly but surely finishing your degree at TU Darmstadt? No problem, the university has something really great on offer here, too. Have you ever heard of a graduation scholarship? This scholarship is designed for international students when they are in the phase of writing their bachelor’s or master’s thesis. You can apply if you’re enrolled in a bachelor's, master's or a teaching degree programme at TU Darmstadt and your thesis has already been approved or will be approved within the next six months.

Sounds good? If you want to find out more about the graduation scholarship at TU Darmstadt, then have a look here.

Cometogether helps you find the right scholarship

Does that all sound interesting, but you’re pretty sure the German or graduation scholarship isn’t going to work for you? Then we have another tip. Go and get some advice from the Cometogether-team at TU Darmstadt. Because of course, there are a lot of other scholarships that are aimed at international students. Lots of these scholarships are awarded by foundations with various goals, profiles and award criteria. Finding the right endowment isn’t so easy unfortunately because there are a bunch of different requirements for the awarding of a scholarship. For example, there are special scholarships for women, for students with a migration background and lots more. So, it’ll take some research to find the right match.

Well, that sounds like a little bit of work, doesn't it?! True, but with the right partners like the Cometogether-team at your side, it's definitely worth the effort. What many soon-to-be students don't know is that being eligible for a scholarship doesn’t necessarily mean you have to have the best grades in the whole class. Many of the foundations also look at soft skills and are looking for students active in their community who stand up for social, societal, or political issues. So, your social and volunteer activities outside of your degree programme, with active participation in youth groups s, university clubs s, student communities, student organisations and other kinds of volunteering might be rewarded with a scholarship. But even your heritage, age, socio-economic circumstances (low income, family relationships, need), university location and degree subject, as well as gender may also qualify you for a scholarship.

Find a part time job with "Stellenwerk"

Are you wondering how you can finance your studies? Where you can put what you've learned into practice and gain valuable experience? You would like to look for a job, but you don't know which portals you can trust? Or would you like to work as a student research assistant directly at your department?

TU Darmstadt offers many jobs for students via the web portal Stellenwerk. The portal is very popular among students, hundreds of students have already found a job there. New job advertisements – internal and external – are posted regularly. The offers range from student jobs and holiday jobs to internships and graduate jobs. Check it out and find the job that's best for you!

As an international student, you should be aware of the number of hours you are allowed to work in Germany with your residence permit.

Portraitfoto Laura
Picture: Britta Hüning


Ciao! I am Laura and I am majoring in Cognitive Science. I think my degree programme is amazing: I deal with the interfaces between humans and computers every day and I am diving deeper and deeper into the topic of artificial intelligence. This exciting combination of IT and psychology immediately convinced me to study Cognitive Science in Darmstadt.