The best career prospects:
innovative master’s degree programmes at TU Darmstadt

You’re almost done with your bachelor’s degree but you still enjoy studying and doing research? Then a master’s degree is just the right thing for you! And even better: Doing a specialisation programme at the renowned TU Darmstadt! Discover what innovative, English-language degrees you can study for in the heart of Germany – they’re definitely worth a look!

Cutting-edge, innovative and trend-setting – the English-language master’s degree programmes at TU Darmstadt

Sustainable urban planning, environmentally friendly raw materials, water management and novel materials technologies – these are some of the important fields of the future! Industry, government, and science: they’re all looking for innovative solutions to the global challenges we are facing today – and highly qualified specialists to find them! And so TU Darmstadt is continuously expanding its range of future-oriented master’s programmes, offering students not only research and education at the cutting edge of technology, but also excellent career opportunities – both here and abroad.

Cognitive Science, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management or Sustainable Urban Development – these are just three of the eleven English-language master’s programmes you can enroll in at TU Darmstadt. And that's not all: With a master’s degree from TU Darmstadt, the world is you oyster! From Argentina and Brazil to the USA, TU Darmstadt has lots of opportunities to study abroad at one of over 400 partner universities as part of your master's programme. Sound exciting? Then dive into the diverse international master opportunities at TU Darmstadt!

International excellence – Cognitive Science

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Industry 4.0, Cybersecurity – these are the issues that Cognitive Science focuses on! In the English-language master’s degree programme, you’ll develop the intelligent systems of the future together with computer scientists, roboticists, designers, and psychologists, and become a sought-after specialist for business, industry, research and education.

Wanted: Linguistic talents – Data and Discourse Studies

The analysis of complex data and language processing for various target groups – that’s what you’ll learn how to do in the English language master’s degree programme of Data and Discourse Studies. As a data journalist, a marketing and market research specialist or a management consultant, you’ll later be working hand in hand with data scientists to transform data into powerful strategy papers, reports, dossiers, and company reports.

Great career opportunities – Distributed Software Systems

With a master's degree in Distributed Software Systems, you’ll collaborate on software projects for innovative business ideas or help companies to get their existing IT systems in shape for the future! Virtual realities and social networks? All part of the programme! Thanks to the numerous electives and specialisations, you’ll become a top-level lute specialist – and therefore a highly sought-after professional not only in Germany, but worldwide! By the way, your classes and lectures will be in English. And if you decide on a double-degree course, you’ll get the full international experience. The master’s programme in Distributed Software Systems has a partnership with the Universitas Indonesia in Jakarta – which means you’ll complete part of your degree over there. Then when you finish your master’s degree at TU Darmstadt, you also get a degree from the partner university!

Brand new and super exciting – Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management

Innovative solutions and technologies are the keys to success today and digitalisation and global networking have made is even more important than ever! TU Darmstadt is running with these advancements and offering a brand-new English-language master’s programme Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management starting in the winter semester 2020-21. Four semesters and tons of areas of specialisation will allow you to learn everything you need to know to start your own business or to promote and manage innovations in companies, management consultancies or organisations!

Anything is possible – Information and Communication Engineering

With a master's degree in Information and Communication Engineering, all doors and career paths will be open to you! From the electrical and electronics industry, mechanical engineering, aerospace, the automotive industry and medical technology to information, communication, energy, and automation technology – you’ll be in high demand everywhere as a highly trained electrical engineer! And with TU Darmstadt’s Double-Degree Programme, you can earn not just one, but two master’s degrees! You’ll spend part of your degrees at a partner university, such as in Sweden or the US! You can also go abroad as part of an exchange programme at one of the many partner universities worldwide. And afterwards? You can start your career or decide to work on a Ph.D., naturally at TU Darmstadt. Find out more about curriculum and career perspectives here!

International and interdisciplinary – International Cooperation in Urban Development

Mastering current and future challenges caused by rapid urbanisation processes – this is the focus of the fee-based, international master’s programme International Cooperation in Urban Development. During the first two semesters, you’ll attend courses at TU Darmstadt. Afterwards you’ll specialise in an urban planning field – and now it gets really exciting! Since the programme is part of the joint Mundus Urbano Master's programme, you’ll spend the second half of your degree at one of the four European programme universities. And all this in English. It doesn’t get more international than that!?

It’s all connected – Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Logistics and supply chains are your thing? Then you should definitely take a look at the English language master’s degree in Logistics and Supply Chain Management at TU Darmstadt. Over the course of four semesters, you’ll become an expert in logistics planning and controlling, supplier management, production planning and control, and project and process management. No matter whether in business, administration, organisations, or research, you’ll be in high demand with your expert knowledge!

Materials of the future – Materials Science

The scarcity of raw materials and energy is leading to an enormous worldwide demand for efficient and resource-saving materials. In the English-language master’s programme Materials Science, you’ll research and develop the materials of the future, such as energy materials, magnetic, electronic materials and lots more. In the end, you’ll be super well-equipped for your career in national and international automotive, aerospace, chemical, semiconductor, and health care industries, as well as the energy sector!

From algebra to stochastics – Mathematics

Are you passionate about math? Perfect! In the English-language master’s degree in mathematics, everything revolves around algebra, analysis, geometry, numerical analysis and all the rest! As highly trained mathematicians, the (business) world is wide open to you after your master’s degree: from insurance companies, banks, software and system houses to engineering offices and research institutes – your mathematical knowledge will be in huge demand everywhere!

Darmstadt meets Vietnam – Sustainable Urban Development

In the joint degree master’s programme in Sustainable Urban Development, you’ll research and learn in multi- and interdisciplinary projects how to initiate, control, and implement processes of sustainable urban development. And not only at TU Darmstadt, but also at the Vietnamese German University (VGU) in Ho Chi Minh City! During a total of four semesters, you’ll be perfectly prepared for a career in national and international urban development – and all of the classes are in English.

(Sub)Tropical environmental management – Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering

Hydrogeology, Environmental Geosciences and Engineering – these fields are all part of the research-oriented Tropical Hydrogeology and Environmental Engineering master’s degree programme. During the programme, you’ll learn methods and modern techniques to enable sustainable water management in tropical and subtropical countries from a geoscientific perspective. Want to learn more? Then have a look at the curriculum.

Turn 11 into 63 – even more master’s programmes at TU Darmstadt

You’ve already learned about eleven promising, English-language master’s programmes. And if that’s not enough for you, TU Darmstadt offers more than 50 additional master’s programmes in German for every field of interest and every department! You can find a complete overview here – but before you start browsing, there’s one more important thing to note: If you’re interested in a German Master's programme, you must be able to provide proof of comprehensive German language skills when you apply. If that’s no problem for you then let's get started! Find out how to apply for your dream degree. See you soon at TU Darmstadt!