Bachelor of Science

Mathematik B.Sc.


At the Technical University of Darmstadt, the Bachelor of Science programme Mathematics can be studied in the two fields:

The field of study Mathematics combines fundamentals in a broad range of mathematical areas with the free choice of a non-mathematical minor.

The field of Study Mathematics with Economics, though in general similar to the Mathematics version, puts more emphasis on the areas of mathematics with an application in Business Studies. The minors are clearly stipulated and must have their origins in Computer Science and Busiess Studies.

The decision for one of the two fields of study must be indicated when applying. However, as the mathematical fundamentals in the first and second semester are the same for both fields of study of the Bachelor’s programme, a reorientation is easily possible.

Each of the two fields of study can be supplemented by a bilingual certificate (English) throughout the course of the studies.

The objective of the bilingual versions is to give the students the opportunity to acquire skills in English mathematical terminology and thus qualify students in an extraordinary way for their future activities in an international environment.

An internship is not mandatory; particularly when studying Business Mathematics, however, it is definitely recommended. A programme-relevant in-company or industrial internship can be integrated into the programme for credit.

Field of Study Mathematics

Semester Course and Examination Schedule

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Field of Study Mathematics with Economics

Semester Course and Examination Schedule

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Degree Bachelor of Science
Duration 6 semesters
Language German. Individual courses may be held in English.
Programme Start winter semester
Admission Applying with international qualifications (language requirements, application deadlines): International Admission.
Internship External internship as an optional component of the programme; further information
Part-time Studies possible under specific conditions
Special Features 1. Choice of one of the two fields of study of “Mathematics” or "Mathematics with Economics”; possibility to obtain a bilingual certificate German/English in each case.
2. Online Self-Assessment for selecting a course of study.

Mathematics is a key science as mathematical models and calculations form the foundation of science and engineering whose progress is shaping today’s world. Mathematics uses – in very simple terms – assumptions (axioms) with which it seeks to deduce general statements on the basis of conclusive, strictly logical proof. Furthermore, it also has an interface to the humanities, for instance in the area of Logic.

Apart from intellectual creativity, those interested in studying Mathematics therefore require a high level of abstraction capability, logical-analytical thinking, the ability to approach complex problems systematically, and last but not least an exact working method.

They should have good to very good previous mathematical skills from school. These skills along with great enthusiasm for mathematics are absolutely necessary for this study programme.

Mathematics – Why? What? What for? Who? How? Where? Further information? You will find answers to these questions here.

Getting startet at university!

On this website you will find orientation and information about the first steps into the study program, important preliminary courses and the orientation week. Get to know the university, ask your questions and find support and advice.

General Information: With the Bachelor of Science, the students will acquire a first professional qualification. However, the Master of Science is considered the standard qualification at Technical University of Darmstadt. For these reasons it is recommended that students complete a Master’s degree.

Please note that admission to the Master’s Degree programme may also depend on additional requirements. This particularly applies to non-consecutive courses of study (meaning with a Bachelor’s degree in a different area of focus or field of study than the desired Master’s degree programme) and to applicants of other universities. For further questions please contact the respective departmental advisor’s office.

Mathematics (M.Sc.) with the fields of study of “Mathematics“, “Mathematics with a non-mathematical minor“ or “Business Mathematics“

Mathematics (M.Sc.)

Computational Engineering (M.Sc.)

Energy Science and Engineering (M.Sc.)

Mechanics (M.Sc.)

Technology and Philosophy (M.A.)

As Mathematics is a fundamental science, graduates of Mathematics are sought after by nearly all economic sectors.

They attend to intra and extra-mathematical problems and collect, analyse, and treat them with the corresponding mathematical methods. Structured and analytical thinking as well as abstraction abilities are particularly sought after. Complex problems are to be solved with a systematic and target-oriented approach.

The labor market of business, industry, administration, and science has a need for highly trained mathematicians in a variety of occupational fields. Insurance companies, banks, market research and polling institutes, consulting firms, software and systems companies, engineering firms, or research institutes are among potential employers.