Teaching degrees
The entry into the teaching profession

The Technical University of Darmstadt offers the following courses of study: Teaching at Grammar Schools and Teaching at Vocational Schools. In addition to general education and vocational subjects, the studiy of the basic pedagogical sciences and didactics are always included.

The Zentrum für Lehrkräftebildung (Centre for Teacher Education) at TU Darmstadt advises you on all aspects of teacher training.

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Part-time study

It is possible to study almost all courses on a part-time basis. Contact the part-time study coordination office for more details. The application for studying part-time is independent from the general application process.

More information about degree qualifications

The teaching profession at vocational schools is particularly characterised by its diversity. As a teacher at vocational schools, you will work with young adults at different levels of qualification, i.e. in vocational preparation, vocational qualification and study qualification programmes, as well as within the framework of continuing vocational training programmes.

In the teacher training course at vocational schools, you study a vocational specialisation with the degree Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) plus a general teaching subject with the degree Master of Education (M.Ed.) which you can freely choose from the range of subjects on offer at TU Darmstadt. Additonally, a third subject can be studied (see “Suppelementary Courses in Teaching” on this page below). Bachelor AND Master of Education in combination are equivalent to the First State Examination and entitle to the preparatory teaching service (Referendariat).

The training always includes the study of educational and social sciences. Several integrated practical phases give you the opportunity to gain first-hand experience in your future field of school activity and to develop your teaching skills.

Please note: For admission into the Bachelor of Educytion programme, a previously gained practical professional/vocational and work experience in the chosen field with a duration of at least 52 weeks is obligatory. Further informtion on this can be found in the description of the respective programmes, see below.

At the Technische Universität Darmstadt, you can choose from a wide range of subjects for the supplementary course in teaching (“Ergänzungsstudiengang Lehramt”). At present, you can prepare yourself at the TU for the extension examination in the subjects Biology, Chemistry, German, History, Computer Science, Mathematics, Physics and Sport. As part of your studies, you will complete the further studies required by the Hessian Teacher Training Act (Hessisches Lehrerbildungsgesetz) and, after completing your studies, you will be able to register for the extension examination (“Erweiterungsprüfung”) in accordance with § 33 HLbG at the examination offices of the Hessian Teacher Academy. Prospective students must present the First State Examination for the teaching profession or an equivalent degree (e.g. Master of Education) or be enrolled in a teaching profession course at the same time in order to be able to enrol in the supplementary teaching profession course.

The Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie is responsible for the extension examination. Please contact their examination office in Darmstadt to register and take the extension examination. The examination centre is also responsible for the recognition of study and examination achievements.

You will find further information on the supplementary studies for the teaching profession on the website of TU Darmstadt's Zentrum für Lehrerbildung (Centre for Teacher Training).

The programme combines the study two subjects taught at grammar schools, which you can freely combine with each other. A third subject can be chosen as a supplementary subject (see this page below).

The two prinicpal subjects are framed by the study of basic sciences in pegagoy, psychology, sociology and political science.

The special feature of the Teaching at Grammar Schools programme at TU Darmstadt is its MINT Profile which offers the unique opportunity to view subjects in the humanities and social sciences from a technical/scientific perspective. This helps you to acquire interdisciplinary scientific and technical skills, something very useful for interdisciplinary teaching projects.

Practical phases during the courseenable you to gain initial experience in teaching and to develop your own teaching personality. In addition to these practical phases, two internships must be completed: an orientation internship in the field of pedagogical work with children and adolescents (which should be completed as far as possible before the start of your studies) and a company internship in the industrial service sector.

The standard length of the programme is nine semesters. It finishes with the First State Examination, the organisation of which is with the “Hessische Lehrkräfteakademie”.